I hate my life at the Kingdom of Gulp. This is why I left it. But when I left it, I started thinking of how strict the captain would be. While I was on the ship, the captain kept on shouting instructions so we can follow them. But the thing that I really hate about the captain is that he never gives us a break. He also doesn’t give us food to eat or water to drink.
Do you know what I’d rather be? Well I’d rather be a mouse instead of a sailor with a mean old captain. I’d rather be a mouse because they creep in the kitchen when no one sees them and steal pieces of cheese. I really hope to reach Spain before nightfall, so the captain does not demand us to do all the work for him. I also hope to find lots of food at the palace because I’m starving! I hope to survive the voyage and come home and find my parents alive. If our ship sinks, I am going to swim back home.
I have lots of family worries and concerns. My worries are that I will never see my parents again. I am also afraid of coming back from the kingdom and finding my parents dead. My concerns are to be a good reader just like sailor 4 is. My other concern is to have a very kind captain who is not strict at all. But don’t worry, I really don’t have parents, but I wish I did.

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