Princess Lilly’s Soliloquy by Fotini

I, Princess Lilly have another side. I’d rather live in a house than in a kingdom. I have problems there with, my family. Whenever I go to talk to mom, she doesn’t listen to me. I also hate me little sisters. They always want everything for themselves! Especially Angelina and Hortense , they call me all these names………
But I’m the oldest, the wisest most beautiful princess of all. I could do whatever I want with my little sisters.
I have dreams in my life. I have dreams, like that my little sisters won’t fight like royal roosters. I also have a dream that one day my mother would listen to me. The last thing that I am dreaming of, is to become the Queen and not just to be a Princess. I want to become the awesome Queen of Spain. I’m going to be even more rich than my mom. I’m going to have more than 1,000 crowns and more than 50,000 necklaces, royal rings and bracelets with diamonds.
I forgot to tell you that I’m really worried that the explorers will be late again at the royal feast.
Today I’ve got jobs to do too. For example, I’ve got to go to Portugal to buy 50 more dresses for my sister, Bougainvillea, because the ones she has are not enough! I’ve also got to take 100 more dresses for me!!! I have got only 1,000, all together, if you count the ones at our palaces in Italy, Greece and at the United Kingdom. I also have to go to my dance lessons. At 4:00 p.m. Then I’ve got to go back to the Kingdom for the royal ball and the royal feast!!!!!!!!!

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