Pirate’s Soliloquy by George

I’m so bored in this ship! Also, I don’t have a family and I feel lonely. The blasted Captain Mah Jong Ping Pong never gives us food and I’m starving. Also, the blasted pirate Soggy Sam always makes us take a bath and I hate that. Finally I hate Belchin Bob because he doesn’t like my “beautiful” singing.
If only I was the Captain. In this ship I’m only a pirate but I wish I was the captain. The only reason I came in this voyage is because I hope I am going to become a millionaire. In my dreams I see that one day we will find a Spanish galleon and steal its gold. The only thing I would like to change in my life is that I would like to be on land and eat food instead of being on a ship and eating nothing.
Since I was born, I feel really lonely. My father died the day I was born. My mother was really poor and couldn’t pay for me, so one day she sent me to become a sailor. There they told her to pay but we didn’t have the money, so she sent me to become a pirate for free. Now, as you can see, I’m a pirate that is doing chores every day.
If only I could change my life! But if I could, I would like to be a sailor and not a pirate. Also I wish that one day I will become a millionaire. (If I was a sailor I would become a millionaire). Another thing I wish is, that Soggy Sam will not make us take a bath one day! Finally I dream that one day I will wake up on land and live happily ever after.


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