The kingdom of Gulp is just not enough for a beautiful princess like me, and I just can’t stand my ugly, vile, selfish sisters! All seven of them! Sometimes my sisters think that they are more beautiful than me. Impossible! My horrible mother, Queen Isarouton, takes everything for herself and calls us, “Royal Shames”. I think she’s the only royal shame! I also hate when Odelia tattletales and my sisters steal my makeup. They even steal explorers from me!
I am always busy with royal duties, like banquets, balls, parties and feasts, all royal. But I’d rather be dancing away with a handsome explorer or prince! My family is seven sisters, a mother and a father, so I can never get any peace and quiet or anything for myself: makeup, dresses, crowns, anything! Everything is supposed to be for me, but I have to share it with my sisters. My sisters also think they’re more beautiful than me; they’re pathetic to think that! I’m the most beautiful princess in the whole kingdom. My biggest dream is to be the “Belle of the Ball”!
I was born, and always lived, in the Kingdom of Gulp. I am one of the youngest princesses, and I’m the most beautiful and graceful princess too. My parents are the king and queen of Spain, so I and my sisters get everything we want (and more!).But being a princess can be hard work sometimes though, like going to royal events like banquets, balls, feasts etc. (busy, busy, busy!).That’s the life of a princess, but more importantly – the life of me!
I want to change many, many things about my life. Like my horrible sisters. I wish they were sent off to other kingdoms, I would be the only princess of Spain then. I wish it was just about me, but I have to share everything with my sisters too, like makeup, combs, even dresses! I would also change things about my horrible mother. If only she gave the throne of Spain to me. Then I would be the most powerful person in Spain (and get EVERYTHING I want)!
Well, I could go on and on and on telling you about my life. In fact I should! But unfortunately I can’t, my mother is calling me for the royal feast and ball. I just KNOW you had a wonderful time hearing about my life. Sadly it ends here. This was truly, My Side of the Story!


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