My Other Side by Athba

Hi, I’m Princess Angelina I have a problem. Some people think that living in a kingdom is the best thing in life. Well, NO IT’S NOT! The Queen always wants her royal way and the king is a royal nerd. He’s scared to face the Queen and tell her the truth. Mom always bugs me when she ignores me when I talk to her.I specially can’t stand Lilly and my sisters. Lilly always brags how beautiful she looks but we all know that I have all the beauty. Uh, I just hate her!And the kingdom it’s just not good enough, I need more jewels and flowers in it. I just don’t have enough. I’m worrying a lot. What if one of my sisters get a chance to dance with Columbus. Well, we all know that that’s not going to
happen because I’m the oldest wisest most beautiful princess in all the land, no, I mean in all the world!

I would like to be a queen because she can rule the whole land and
Kingdom. The queen does not have problems such as who wants to dance with Columbus. But for a princess, I really do want to dance with Columbus. I hope one day I will be the queen and make my sisters jealous, specially Princess Lilly.

I think I should help Princess Bougainvillea by getting her 50 more ball dresses. I know it’s not a lot, but I do not want to give her a lot because I do not care about her, but of course I’m going to get 1,365 dresses for ME! I do not think I’m free today. My schedule is really filthy, I have dance at 1:00 p.m. Then I need to drink tea with mom and tell Beatrice she looks beautiful with my other sisters.

Jewels, gold and money make me happy. I really enjoy shopping or
walking in the garden. I like dance class but I hate my dance teacher’s face because she has a pimple as big as a fresh tomato in her chin! I enjoy talking with Captain Stop de Mutiny . She brings gold and jewels for me from other countries. My best moment was when Lilly had to go with Aunt Carol to her wing. It’s bad news because Aunt wanted someone to shave her back!!!

The End

1 thought on “My Other Side by Athba

  1. Dear Athba,
    I really enjoyed reading your wonderful story!
    I loved how you wrote it in a princess’s point of view, and how a princess would feel!
    It was an interesting perspective to read about, and I think that you chose a purely unique, entertaining but thoughtful topic!
    Maggie D. 😀

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