My Crazy Voyage, by Ted

Well, hello! I’m sailor Ted and I’m usually on Mc Jellofishes boat. Oops! I said the making-fun-of name. Okay, Mcjellyfish is a good captain, but he kills the crew! He’s the strictest person on earth! Every second he barks an order and it’s tough. Some people even think he is a loony and think that he doesn’t know where we are going!
I’d rather be the captain so I can command the ship. I wish and dream of gold because I’m poor. I would want to be a farmer to sell and get money. However, I have one hope that in the future that when this voyage ends, I will quit being a sailor and become a farmer. I just wish I was a bit richer. If only I could get off this stupid boat! Why don’t I jump of the boat and swim back to Spain? So I want to get of that Mcjell-o-s boat!
Well I was born with no brother or sister. My parents could not afford to have me. So I became an orphan. Then I ran away from the orphanage. I took books that will teach me the stuff you learn in school. When I grew up I became a sailor and here I am right now. I have wishes and dreams too, like you do. I wish I had a family. Anyway, I also wish to change captain on our ship, but if that doesn’t happen I have been dreaming to jump off the boat. Then I’ll swim back to Spain and go back to the palace.
Well, that’s all I have got. Hope you enjoyed reading about me. Now where was I? OH NO! I’m late for my meeting with Christopher Columbus!

1 thought on “My Crazy Voyage, by Ted

  1. Dear Ted

    I really liked your story it had lots of detail. You said you went to Spain I really want to go there. Nice Job!

    From Daman K.

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