I will be rich! By Alex

Hello, my name is Captain McJellyfish. The Pirates are attacking our ship. Why does this have to happen to me? I am very proud of the Captain, that is me. The Queen wants so much gold. The King is just so scared of the Queen. The Pirates are trying to steal our gold and they are shooting at us with their cannons. The King and Queen have invited me to a feast at the palace tonight. I might not make it.
I would rather be rich. I would like to get to the palace by nightfall. I would like my sailors to be a little more active. I hope I can destroy the Black Petunia, the Pirates’ ship. I would like the Queen to be pleased with my job. In the future I would like to have a private jet and a Ferrari!
I hope my family will be okay and that nobody will rob us. I would like not to get eaten by the cannibals that I’m bringing in my ship. I am very lucky to have a family. Some of the sailors don’t even have a family.
If you want to know more about Captain McJellyfish, then buy the movie, now only 4.99 euros.

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