I hate this voyage! by Aleksa

I, Sailor Ron, am the strongest sailor on the ship. My life is miserable because of that stupid Captain Mac Jellyfish. He only sleeps and he is lazy. He orders imposible missions for us sailors. Captain should not be trusted, even a little. I also hate the Queen of Spain because she want’s everything her way, and she calls everything royal: like royal door, royal food… isn’t that annoying. I only like the king, because he is fair.
I wish I was a knight, and not a stupid sailor. I rather be a monster with 3 eyes, 6 legs, and 5 arms. I wish I survive this voyage, and the Captain dies. I could stand up to Captain but he would throw me overboard into the dark sea. But in the future I will attack the Captain. That’s my biggest problem for now.
Today the Captain ordered me to go to the crows nest and sing while looking for land. I have no family, my wife died at age 36, she drowned in a river. If I survive this voyage, I will marry another woman. The only friend I have is Sailor Ted. I like him because he is funny, and he hates the Caprtain like me. And that’s why I hate this voyage.

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