I hate the captain! by Jarah

The boat will be perfect, if the captain wasn’t there, but sometimes we need him. When the captain gives orders he’s always talking so badly that I want to fall overboard. I like the other sailors including the mate. I will tell you why, because they’re kind, not like the captain. Don’t meet him, you will die.
I’d rather clean the poop deck, instead of listening to the captain. I wish I could stay in the crow’s nest, there’s no one there. I want to change my life. The boat is boring.
I have a lot of jobs to do on the ship and when I get home. In the ship, I have to clean the deck. I have sailor #6 help me with the ropes. At home, I have to put my dirty clothes in the laundry, I have to go shopping, cook myself, and clean the house. Also I have to clean the dishes.

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