Hortense’s article by Chloe

My name is Hortense and I am a princess with my other 7 sisters. I am one of the oldest but my sister Lilly is the eldest. She thinks that she can charm, “every man in the Kingdom,” which is not true. My job is to learn how to be a princess, which is harder than you think.
When I grow up, I want to be like my mother because she is the queen and I am going to be the queen, even though I’m not the eldest. My little sister, Odelia, is such a nag! All she does is say, “Mother!” and, “They’re being mean!” I shall have her living in the dungeon when I am queen! My other sister, that is almost the same age as me, is Charlotte. When I am talking, she says nasty things behind my back.
What my sisters don’t know is that I have contacted Columbus! He has promised that he will marry me and I will be the queen of the new land. My sisters do not know that I am the chosen one. When Columbus says, “No!” to each one of them and says, “Yes!” to me, they will fall off their royal chairs and faint.
One of my many dreams is to win Columbus and to be queen. I would have also liked it if I did not have nasty sisters that would talk bad about me behind my back. I would have wanted to be the eldest and next in line – not third in line. I would have wanted less sisters and more attention.

1 thought on “Hortense’s article by Chloe

  1. Dear Princess Hortense,You can only contact with Columbus in your dreams. You can't even contact with me, our mother or any other person. You can only giggle all the time. By the way, Columbus will never pick you because you're annoying and you know it. He will pick me!!!From: Your beautiful sister,Princess Odelia!

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