A Little Princess by Myra

My name is Princess Rose. I am the youngest and all my sisters laugh with me. My mother, the queen, doesn’t play with us. My mother always looks at her face in the mirror to see if she is beautiful. I worry about not seeing my beloved Columbus again.

I want to change the palace interior, my mean sisters and the blue curtains above all. I want them pink with red roses. I think I could have some sisters that were more generous. I wish some day my prince will come to marry me. I hope to go to England and live there forever. Also I want to do more dance, and piano, because Lily said that is popular. I don’t like why mean Charlotte speaks to me.

My responsibility is to find the best musicians and the best music for my family’s parties. I help the little kids by teaching them how to dance. Also I paint boards for my room. Today I have to choose the dresses that my sisters should wear on Thursday’s Party.

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