A Cook’s Soliloquy by Alexandros

“I want bellisimo spaghetti with tomato sauce.” That ugly and annoying queen she always wants something. I am going to make the best spaghetti in the world and throw it at her royal face. Why can’t she go to McDonalds and leave me alone to finally cook for someone who can appreciate my art! Quelle Horreur! If the crocodile wasn’t there, she would be cooking for me now.

I am the best cook in the world! I should have my own restaurant with 10 Michelin stars, in Paris. When I was young I won the Junior Master Chef and now I am just a cook. This must change! “L’ Entrecote du Pierre” this will be the name of my restaurant. If you want to eat there you must do a reservation now.

My father was Napoleon’s chef. He was never going to a battle unless he ate my father’s Roast Beef. My mother has invented macaronis and éclairs; she has the best patisserie in Champs-Elysees. I must make them proud. I have to make the best spaghetti in the world so the queen will be happy and then I will figure it out what to do next. I have to find the juciest tomatoes, the freshest basilic and to make handmade pasta. Then I have to clean up. My kitchen must always be neat and clean.
I like to hear opera when I cook. O Sole mio! When I hear this song, I cook the best chateuaubriande. I also like to sing and dance. I recently made a song, “Be our guest.” You will hear it later. My best friends are Cook 1 and Cook 2.They aren’t as good as I am, but we have a lot of fun. One day we fried a mouse and serve it to the queen as a chicken. She loved it. Too bad I can’t find another one.

This is me, Pierre, and I must leave now, cause the show is starting!!!

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