Princess Bougainvillea”s soliloquy By Daeira

Excuse me! I’m trying to tell you something! My name is Princess Bougainvillea of Gulp, and if you don’t know who I am, then BOO to you. You probably think that princesses have no problems, because they have everything they want, well that’s not true. My mother is the main problem; she only cares about herself. Once Princess Rose stole my Powder Puff Perfume and Mummy didn’t even care! Oh, and my sisters always have a reason to come and bother me, they keep on stealing my makeup and taking my explorers away from me! Don’t get me started about my servants, they are sooo slow. Even the slowest of turtles are faster than them. And the castle is so small and it only has seventy mirrors, I need a whole lot more mirrors so that I can see my pretty face everywhere I go. Also, the kingdom doesn’t have enough bougainvilleas; it has way too many roses. I think that my sisters should have smaller rooms and mine should be half the size of the castle because I am THE BEST. I also think that I should be the only one with a throne in the kingdom.
Did you know that princesses also have worries like everybody else? I’m worried that I’m going to run out of makeup and get wrinkles and become as ugly as Mummy. I’m also worried that my seamstresses will stop making dresses just because their fingers might bleed a little. I’m terrified that they are going to paint the castle grey on the inside and stop making my Powder Puff Perfume.
I know that many people would rather be me, but I would rather be someone else. Like if I was the Queen of the world that would be amazing. Oh, I would rather be the richest princess in the world or be the Queen of diamonds, which would be fabulous! Well, I have a lot of stuff that I want to change. One: I would like to change my annoying sisters and make them my slaves. Two: I want to change the outfit I’m wearing right now, because it’s so two minutes ago. Three: my castle is awful; I would change my bedroom and make it huge and full of bougainvilleas. Four: I want to change my boring crown and make it full of golden diamonds (I know there are golden diamonds somewhere in the world).
Princesses have hopes too! One of my hopes is to become Queen and destroy my sisters. I also really hope that I’m going to marry an explorer or a prince; they are so rich and popular! I also really, desperately want to meet a person that is made completely out of diamonds. Actually last night I had a dream that Daddy found him, so I know he exists!
I don’t really care about my family, I only care about myself. It is so hard to be the prettiest of the princesses, and to stay the prettiest of all the princesses. So, I’m really worried that I am going to become the second prettiest of the princesses. My schedule is so difficult: I have to wake up at like 10:00 am and then the slaves have to brush my hair for an hour. Then I have to eat my breakfast and pick a gown to wear for the rest of the day. I also have to tell my designers what I want as a gown for the evening balls. When I wait for my gown to be made, I have to talk about the explorers and princes with my friends. Then I have lunch, put on my new gown and go to the evening ball. It is so exhausting!!
I just finished saying my side of the story, so…ummm… LEAVE!….ummm….RIGHT NOW!!!
Mummy they aren’t leaving me!!

1 thought on “Princess Bougainvillea”s soliloquy By Daeira

  1. Dear Princess Bougainvillea,You only care about your self!Your mom is the meanest person in the world!You also have a horrible sense of humor!When you become queen{which you will never be}please destroy all your sisters!!!From,angry cook 3

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