A Cook’s Soliloquy By Byeongchan

Hi! I`m a cook from a kingdom. Do you think the Kingdom, king, and queen are nice? No, the queen is deadly and evil as a devil! She is waiting for a chance to kill the cooks!
I rather be a farmer. I rather farm than cook, because than the queen will not kill us! I wish there was no queen in my life. If that wish comes true, I will be so happy! But it`s pie in the sky…
Did you know that when I was little kid, my dream was to be the cook in the kingdom? But now I know how hard and bad it is. I want to work in another kingdom!
I wish that I could go back home. I really want to see my family. I wish I could see my brother, my mother and my father. Maybe next year, I will be able to see them!

1 thought on “A Cook’s Soliloquy By Byeongchan

  1. Dear Cook 1,You are so lazy! Now where's my macaroni and cheese! I'll feed you to the royal crocodile if you don't hurry up! How DARE you insult my mother!Yours OUTRAGED,Princess Beatrice

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