Soliloquy of Ronger by Wade

Hi, my name is Ronger and I am coming home from the New World with Mordacai McJellyfish, our captain. He never gets mad at me or the 1st mate, but gets me upset in every other way. I am the only one that can read, and it annoys me that nobody else can read the writing on the anchor that said, “Made in Spain”. I guess I couldn’t argue with the Helmsman or the 1st mate. I think the mate can read but he doesn’t want to, and I’ve heard the helmsman has been sailing small to large sail boats since he was 4 so…. The crewmate I work with when I do
my work, is very shy but very smart.
What I’d rather be doing is becoming a knight to serve the King and Queen of Spain. Also I love the silver armor, I feel unbeatable that way. But then again, I would have to deal with horses, but I’ve ridden lots of horses when I was younger. Now becoming the royal knight(sorry, just a regular knight)would mean receiving orders from the Queen and things have not gone well between Mordacai and Queen Isarouton, so I’d hope
I am with the king.

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