Soliloquy of Belching Bob by Antonis

My complaints are two, one Hunchback Harry, and the other one that the ship is sinking. If only the Princess Odelia did not exist. Harry always talks about her all the time and I get annoyed. Another problem is that the boat is sinking and, we all have to go in the bathtub.
My dreams are two, again. I want to be rich and to be not afraid. I rather not be afraid of sharks for instance. I am very afraid of them. I really, really hope to be rich one day, after I had conquered the Seven Seas.
My family, well I do not have a family, but I am definitely not very responsible, as Captain Mah Jong Ping Pong always has to tell me what to do. My job is a pirate. I love it because I get to go from sea to sea robbing Spanish galleons. That is me, Belching Bob the pirate. The end

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