Cook’s Soliloquy by Byeongchan

Hi, I`m a cook from a kingdom. Do you think the Kingdom, King, and Queen are nice? No, the queen is deadly and evil as a devil! She is waiting for a chance to kill the cook!
I rather be a farmer. I rather farm than cook, because than the queen will not kill us! I wish there were no Queen in my life. If that wish comes true, I will be so happy! But it`s a pie in the sky…
Did you know that when I was little kid my dream was to be the cook in the kingdom? But now I know how hard and bad it is. I want to work for another kingdom!
I wish that I could go back home. I really want to see my family. I wish I could see my brother, my mother and my father. Maybe next year, I will be able to see them!

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