Charlotte Gossips! by Jada

My name is Princess Charlotte and I officially hate my life! If you ask why I hate my life, this is probably what I will answer. The Explorers are no good and they are certainly not handsome! (That was a tragedy!) About the kingdom: there aren’t enough dreamy white horses and I don’t feel safe with those nincompoop guards! I don’t even want to think about those ignorant cooks who let those stinky rats into my royal dishes! Now do you understand?
I can’t tell you what a normal Princess would rather be, but I can tell you what a royal Princess like me would rather be, and it’s NOT what I am now! I’d rather be a royal Queen like my mother. I’d rather be in another KINGDOM!!! I wish I had more jewels than the Queen. But I also wish to marry a rich Explorer. Even though I’m perfect, I would like to change my look and my hair. (Not that it’s not beautiful!) And I’d like to change the kingdom, as I mentioned above.
Everybody has family problems even a beautiful Princess like me. Well, one way I could help my family problem is get my family a new BRAIN! Or I could give my family away and rule the kingdom. I also have a couple of family concerns, such as will my sisters EVER get smarter and will that Princess Odelia ever stop being a royal pain and always such a Tattle-Tale! Luckily my schedule is always full of things like going to the royal SPA and hairdresser, and looking for a plan to defeat my sisters.
Now don’t ask me any more! My head is spinning from this royal tragedy!

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