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My Life in the Kingdom of Gulp ,by Zoe

Hello! I’m a princess in a palace and my name is Odelia. I live in Spain in the kingdom of Gulp, but I’d rather live in a very small house because I can’t stand living with my older sisters and the queen. I hate all of my sisters, but the two I hate the most are Princess Lilly because she is the oldest and she thinks that she’s the best, and especially Princess Hortense, because she always laughs with everything and she’s very annoying. One day I will be the queen (even though I’m the youngest princess) and I will put Princess Hortense in the dark dungeon and she will live with all the disgusting animals. All the other princesses are fighting except for me. I’m too busy telling on them but I think Columbus will dance with me!
I have many dreams and wishes. I wish I was the oldest princess because now I get annoyed by other princesses. I also wish my mother, Queen Isarouton, was nicer to people. My biggest dream is to be the queen cause I will rule the whole kingdom. I also hope that my sisters were kind to me. Another of my dreams is to have a palace named Odelia Rules! I also hope that Columbus will pick me.
I live in the kingdom of Gulp, I’m a princess, so my parents must be Queen Isarouton and King Nerdinand. My mother is always mean to everyone and she is officially willing to be the richest queen in the WORLD. She always wants more even though she has everything. My father is very scared of my mom. King Nerdinand is exactly the opposite of Queen Isarouton. My dad is kind, he is very happy for what he has and he never wants more. That’s all about my family and my life.

My Crazy Voyage, by Ted

Well, hello! I’m sailor Ted and I’m usually on Mc Jellofishes boat. Oops! I said the making-fun-of name. Okay, Mcjellyfish is a good captain, but he kills the crew! He’s the strictest person on earth! Every second he barks an order and it’s tough. Some people even think he is a loony and think that he doesn’t know where we are going!
I’d rather be the captain so I can command the ship. I wish and dream of gold because I’m poor. I would want to be a farmer to sell and get money. However, I have one hope that in the future that when this voyage ends, I will quit being a sailor and become a farmer. I just wish I was a bit richer. If only I could get off this stupid boat! Why don’t I jump of the boat and swim back to Spain? So I want to get of that Mcjell-o-s boat!
Well I was born with no brother or sister. My parents could not afford to have me. So I became an orphan. Then I ran away from the orphanage. I took books that will teach me the stuff you learn in school. When I grew up I became a sailor and here I am right now. I have wishes and dreams too, like you do. I wish I had a family. Anyway, I also wish to change captain on our ship, but if that doesn’t happen I have been dreaming to jump off the boat. Then I’ll swim back to Spain and go back to the palace.
Well, that’s all I have got. Hope you enjoyed reading about me. Now where was I? OH NO! I’m late for my meeting with Christopher Columbus!

The Mate’s Soliloquy, by Stathis

I think this trip is very boring and none of the sailors ever listen! That no good sailor #2 is the worst on the ship! He never listens, and he is very rude to a great mate like me.
One day I will be captain, and I will be in charge! I will work those sailors so hard, that we will go all around the world and get lots of gold and riches! I will be the best captain in the world! Even better than my own captain Mc.Jellyfish , but I am stuck with mate. I became a mate because I love to explore and discover new things.
If I became captain would I get new sailors? If I did I hope they are brave, hard-working, and smart. I also dream of being the richest man in the world! That would be much better than this crummy old ship!

Soliloquy of the Helmsman, by Louis

OOOH!! This is such a pain not being able to move… what a pain! I can’t move because I am a helmsman and I am sailing until we fall off the world to our death! I hate the kingdom because the queen makes us do tons of work and the princesses fight all day and night. It’s all work… I’m just so tired… We have to do work so we can get gold for the stubborn yet bossy queen! The king should man – up and the captain is bossy just like the queen.

I’d rather be home having a great feast and be watching TV. I wish I was the greatest captain in the world but my wish is yet to come true. My dream is to be a king with a wonderful queen. Then I will be able to punish the captain for bad sailing. However that will never happen because I will die on this sea under captain’s orders. Dying is one of my greatest fears, but another one of my fears is sailing. Sailing sounds ok because you’re on a boat but that’s not all! Thousands of people have died. So sailing usually ends up in dying.
I just want to be a free person not a helmsman. The captain gives me so much work I once broke my finger! When you least expect it, he gives you work! In the future the captain will be punished for bad sailing! I just hope I will be alive so see it!
I was born in Carmona, 1470, on a farm. Since I didn’t want to be a farmer, I left home and went 981 kilometers to Barcelona. I learned to be a sailor because I thought it was fun. So I learned to be a sailor and started sailing with Capt.McJellyfish. That is my untold life story. One more thing, if you meet one of the castle cooks, because they are my friends, ask for some spaghetti to go. Don’t eat the spaghetti, instead find the captain and throw it on him! After he stops his migraine he will like your bravery and make you a sailor!
Good Luck!

I hate the captain! by Jarah

The boat will be perfect, if the captain wasn’t there, but sometimes we need him. When the captain gives orders he’s always talking so badly that I want to fall overboard. I like the other sailors including the mate. I will tell you why, because they’re kind, not like the captain. Don’t meet him, you will die.
I’d rather clean the poop deck, instead of listening to the captain. I wish I could stay in the crow’s nest, there’s no one there. I want to change my life. The boat is boring.
I have a lot of jobs to do on the ship and when I get home. In the ship, I have to clean the deck. I have sailor #6 help me with the ropes. At home, I have to put my dirty clothes in the laundry, I have to go shopping, cook myself, and clean the house. Also I have to clean the dishes.

My Other Side by Athba

Hi, I’m Princess Angelina I have a problem. Some people think that living in a kingdom is the best thing in life. Well, NO IT’S NOT! The Queen always wants her royal way and the king is a royal nerd. He’s scared to face the Queen and tell her the truth. Mom always bugs me when she ignores me when I talk to her.I specially can’t stand Lilly and my sisters. Lilly always brags how beautiful she looks but we all know that I have all the beauty. Uh, I just hate her!And the kingdom it’s just not good enough, I need more jewels and flowers in it. I just don’t have enough. I’m worrying a lot. What if one of my sisters get a chance to dance with Columbus. Well, we all know that that’s not going to
happen because I’m the oldest wisest most beautiful princess in all the land, no, I mean in all the world!

I would like to be a queen because she can rule the whole land and
Kingdom. The queen does not have problems such as who wants to dance with Columbus. But for a princess, I really do want to dance with Columbus. I hope one day I will be the queen and make my sisters jealous, specially Princess Lilly.

I think I should help Princess Bougainvillea by getting her 50 more ball dresses. I know it’s not a lot, but I do not want to give her a lot because I do not care about her, but of course I’m going to get 1,365 dresses for ME! I do not think I’m free today. My schedule is really filthy, I have dance at 1:00 p.m. Then I need to drink tea with mom and tell Beatrice she looks beautiful with my other sisters.

Jewels, gold and money make me happy. I really enjoy shopping or
walking in the garden. I like dance class but I hate my dance teacher’s face because she has a pimple as big as a fresh tomato in her chin! I enjoy talking with Captain Stop de Mutiny . She brings gold and jewels for me from other countries. My best moment was when Lilly had to go with Aunt Carol to her wing. It’s bad news because Aunt wanted someone to shave her back!!!

The End

I will be rich! By Alex

Hello, my name is Captain McJellyfish. The Pirates are attacking our ship. Why does this have to happen to me? I am very proud of the Captain, that is me. The Queen wants so much gold. The King is just so scared of the Queen. The Pirates are trying to steal our gold and they are shooting at us with their cannons. The King and Queen have invited me to a feast at the palace tonight. I might not make it.
I would rather be rich. I would like to get to the palace by nightfall. I would like my sailors to be a little more active. I hope I can destroy the Black Petunia, the Pirates’ ship. I would like the Queen to be pleased with my job. In the future I would like to have a private jet and a Ferrari!
I hope my family will be okay and that nobody will rob us. I would like not to get eaten by the cannibals that I’m bringing in my ship. I am very lucky to have a family. Some of the sailors don’t even have a family.
If you want to know more about Captain McJellyfish, then buy the movie, now only 4.99 euros.


I hate my life at the Kingdom of Gulp. This is why I left it. But when I left it, I started thinking of how strict the captain would be. While I was on the ship, the captain kept on shouting instructions so we can follow them. But the thing that I really hate about the captain is that he never gives us a break. He also doesn’t give us food to eat or water to drink.
Do you know what I’d rather be? Well I’d rather be a mouse instead of a sailor with a mean old captain. I’d rather be a mouse because they creep in the kitchen when no one sees them and steal pieces of cheese. I really hope to reach Spain before nightfall, so the captain does not demand us to do all the work for him. I also hope to find lots of food at the palace because I’m starving! I hope to survive the voyage and come home and find my parents alive. If our ship sinks, I am going to swim back home.
I have lots of family worries and concerns. My worries are that I will never see my parents again. I am also afraid of coming back from the kingdom and finding my parents dead. My concerns are to be a good reader just like sailor 4 is. My other concern is to have a very kind captain who is not strict at all. But don’t worry, I really don’t have parents, but I wish I did.

Princess Lilly’s Soliloquy by Fotini

I, Princess Lilly have another side. I’d rather live in a house than in a kingdom. I have problems there with, my family. Whenever I go to talk to mom, she doesn’t listen to me. I also hate me little sisters. They always want everything for themselves! Especially Angelina and Hortense , they call me all these names………
But I’m the oldest, the wisest most beautiful princess of all. I could do whatever I want with my little sisters.
I have dreams in my life. I have dreams, like that my little sisters won’t fight like royal roosters. I also have a dream that one day my mother would listen to me. The last thing that I am dreaming of, is to become the Queen and not just to be a Princess. I want to become the awesome Queen of Spain. I’m going to be even more rich than my mom. I’m going to have more than 1,000 crowns and more than 50,000 necklaces, royal rings and bracelets with diamonds.
I forgot to tell you that I’m really worried that the explorers will be late again at the royal feast.
Today I’ve got jobs to do too. For example, I’ve got to go to Portugal to buy 50 more dresses for my sister, Bougainvillea, because the ones she has are not enough! I’ve also got to take 100 more dresses for me!!! I have got only 1,000, all together, if you count the ones at our palaces in Italy, Greece and at the United Kingdom. I also have to go to my dance lessons. At 4:00 p.m. Then I’ve got to go back to the Kingdom for the royal ball and the royal feast!!!!!!!!!


The kingdom of Gulp is just not enough for a beautiful princess like me, and I just can’t stand my ugly, vile, selfish sisters! All seven of them! Sometimes my sisters think that they are more beautiful than me. Impossible! My horrible mother, Queen Isarouton, takes everything for herself and calls us, “Royal Shames”. I think she’s the only royal shame! I also hate when Odelia tattletales and my sisters steal my makeup. They even steal explorers from me!
I am always busy with royal duties, like banquets, balls, parties and feasts, all royal. But I’d rather be dancing away with a handsome explorer or prince! My family is seven sisters, a mother and a father, so I can never get any peace and quiet or anything for myself: makeup, dresses, crowns, anything! Everything is supposed to be for me, but I have to share it with my sisters. My sisters also think they’re more beautiful than me; they’re pathetic to think that! I’m the most beautiful princess in the whole kingdom. My biggest dream is to be the “Belle of the Ball”!
I was born, and always lived, in the Kingdom of Gulp. I am one of the youngest princesses, and I’m the most beautiful and graceful princess too. My parents are the king and queen of Spain, so I and my sisters get everything we want (and more!).But being a princess can be hard work sometimes though, like going to royal events like banquets, balls, feasts etc. (busy, busy, busy!).That’s the life of a princess, but more importantly – the life of me!
I want to change many, many things about my life. Like my horrible sisters. I wish they were sent off to other kingdoms, I would be the only princess of Spain then. I wish it was just about me, but I have to share everything with my sisters too, like makeup, combs, even dresses! I would also change things about my horrible mother. If only she gave the throne of Spain to me. Then I would be the most powerful person in Spain (and get EVERYTHING I want)!
Well, I could go on and on and on telling you about my life. In fact I should! But unfortunately I can’t, my mother is calling me for the royal feast and ball. I just KNOW you had a wonderful time hearing about my life. Sadly it ends here. This was truly, My Side of the Story!


Soliloquy of cook 2, by Theo

I, Theo, the most famous cook in the world, I hate cooking for the Queen and King because I have feelings that I will cook something that the Queen will not like and she will feed me to the crocodiles! I am very scared because every day is scary for me. I hope I could cook without someone to dare me or else I will die. I dream one day I could cook free, because I like to cook, and when the Queen says to me, “Make macaroni and cheese!” I do not like to cook for her.
I hope I could have a family so I could be happy and so I could cook for them. I was dreaming 2 days ago that I had 3 kids: 2 boys named Alexandros and the other called Akes. I was dreaming that I had I nice wife that did not know how to cook, so I could learn to her and cook for them my special food. But this is only a dream!
I do not want to cook for the King, and mostly the Queen, because she will kill! She is very bad. I hope one day my dream will become real life!
The End

Pirate’s Soliloquy by George

I’m so bored in this ship! Also, I don’t have a family and I feel lonely. The blasted Captain Mah Jong Ping Pong never gives us food and I’m starving. Also, the blasted pirate Soggy Sam always makes us take a bath and I hate that. Finally I hate Belchin Bob because he doesn’t like my “beautiful” singing.
If only I was the Captain. In this ship I’m only a pirate but I wish I was the captain. The only reason I came in this voyage is because I hope I am going to become a millionaire. In my dreams I see that one day we will find a Spanish galleon and steal its gold. The only thing I would like to change in my life is that I would like to be on land and eat food instead of being on a ship and eating nothing.
Since I was born, I feel really lonely. My father died the day I was born. My mother was really poor and couldn’t pay for me, so one day she sent me to become a sailor. There they told her to pay but we didn’t have the money, so she sent me to become a pirate for free. Now, as you can see, I’m a pirate that is doing chores every day.
If only I could change my life! But if I could, I would like to be a sailor and not a pirate. Also I wish that one day I will become a millionaire. (If I was a sailor I would become a millionaire). Another thing I wish is, that Soggy Sam will not make us take a bath one day! Finally I dream that one day I will wake up on land and live happily ever after.


I hate this voyage! by Aleksa

I, Sailor Ron, am the strongest sailor on the ship. My life is miserable because of that stupid Captain Mac Jellyfish. He only sleeps and he is lazy. He orders imposible missions for us sailors. Captain should not be trusted, even a little. I also hate the Queen of Spain because she want’s everything her way, and she calls everything royal: like royal door, royal food… isn’t that annoying. I only like the king, because he is fair.
I wish I was a knight, and not a stupid sailor. I rather be a monster with 3 eyes, 6 legs, and 5 arms. I wish I survive this voyage, and the Captain dies. I could stand up to Captain but he would throw me overboard into the dark sea. But in the future I will attack the Captain. That’s my biggest problem for now.
Today the Captain ordered me to go to the crows nest and sing while looking for land. I have no family, my wife died at age 36, she drowned in a river. If I survive this voyage, I will marry another woman. The only friend I have is Sailor Ted. I like him because he is funny, and he hates the Caprtain like me. And that’s why I hate this voyage.

A Cook’s Soliloquy by Alexandros

“I want bellisimo spaghetti with tomato sauce.” That ugly and annoying queen she always wants something. I am going to make the best spaghetti in the world and throw it at her royal face. Why can’t she go to McDonalds and leave me alone to finally cook for someone who can appreciate my art! Quelle Horreur! If the crocodile wasn’t there, she would be cooking for me now.

I am the best cook in the world! I should have my own restaurant with 10 Michelin stars, in Paris. When I was young I won the Junior Master Chef and now I am just a cook. This must change! “L’ Entrecote du Pierre” this will be the name of my restaurant. If you want to eat there you must do a reservation now.

My father was Napoleon’s chef. He was never going to a battle unless he ate my father’s Roast Beef. My mother has invented macaronis and éclairs; she has the best patisserie in Champs-Elysees. I must make them proud. I have to make the best spaghetti in the world so the queen will be happy and then I will figure it out what to do next. I have to find the juciest tomatoes, the freshest basilic and to make handmade pasta. Then I have to clean up. My kitchen must always be neat and clean.
I like to hear opera when I cook. O Sole mio! When I hear this song, I cook the best chateuaubriande. I also like to sing and dance. I recently made a song, “Be our guest.” You will hear it later. My best friends are Cook 1 and Cook 2.They aren’t as good as I am, but we have a lot of fun. One day we fried a mouse and serve it to the queen as a chicken. She loved it. Too bad I can’t find another one.

This is me, Pierre, and I must leave now, cause the show is starting!!!

Hortense’s article by Chloe

My name is Hortense and I am a princess with my other 7 sisters. I am one of the oldest but my sister Lilly is the eldest. She thinks that she can charm, “every man in the Kingdom,” which is not true. My job is to learn how to be a princess, which is harder than you think.
When I grow up, I want to be like my mother because she is the queen and I am going to be the queen, even though I’m not the eldest. My little sister, Odelia, is such a nag! All she does is say, “Mother!” and, “They’re being mean!” I shall have her living in the dungeon when I am queen! My other sister, that is almost the same age as me, is Charlotte. When I am talking, she says nasty things behind my back.
What my sisters don’t know is that I have contacted Columbus! He has promised that he will marry me and I will be the queen of the new land. My sisters do not know that I am the chosen one. When Columbus says, “No!” to each one of them and says, “Yes!” to me, they will fall off their royal chairs and faint.
One of my many dreams is to win Columbus and to be queen. I would have also liked it if I did not have nasty sisters that would talk bad about me behind my back. I would have wanted to be the eldest and next in line – not third in line. I would have wanted less sisters and more attention.

A Little Princess by Myra

My name is Princess Rose. I am the youngest and all my sisters laugh with me. My mother, the queen, doesn’t play with us. My mother always looks at her face in the mirror to see if she is beautiful. I worry about not seeing my beloved Columbus again.

I want to change the palace interior, my mean sisters and the blue curtains above all. I want them pink with red roses. I think I could have some sisters that were more generous. I wish some day my prince will come to marry me. I hope to go to England and live there forever. Also I want to do more dance, and piano, because Lily said that is popular. I don’t like why mean Charlotte speaks to me.

My responsibility is to find the best musicians and the best music for my family’s parties. I help the little kids by teaching them how to dance. Also I paint boards for my room. Today I have to choose the dresses that my sisters should wear on Thursday’s Party.

Princess Bougainvillea”s soliloquy By Daeira

Excuse me! I’m trying to tell you something! My name is Princess Bougainvillea of Gulp, and if you don’t know who I am, then BOO to you. You probably think that princesses have no problems, because they have everything they want, well that’s not true. My mother is the main problem; she only cares about herself. Once Princess Rose stole my Powder Puff Perfume and Mummy didn’t even care! Oh, and my sisters always have a reason to come and bother me, they keep on stealing my makeup and taking my explorers away from me! Don’t get me started about my servants, they are sooo slow. Even the slowest of turtles are faster than them. And the castle is so small and it only has seventy mirrors, I need a whole lot more mirrors so that I can see my pretty face everywhere I go. Also, the kingdom doesn’t have enough bougainvilleas; it has way too many roses. I think that my sisters should have smaller rooms and mine should be half the size of the castle because I am THE BEST. I also think that I should be the only one with a throne in the kingdom.
Did you know that princesses also have worries like everybody else? I’m worried that I’m going to run out of makeup and get wrinkles and become as ugly as Mummy. I’m also worried that my seamstresses will stop making dresses just because their fingers might bleed a little. I’m terrified that they are going to paint the castle grey on the inside and stop making my Powder Puff Perfume.
I know that many people would rather be me, but I would rather be someone else. Like if I was the Queen of the world that would be amazing. Oh, I would rather be the richest princess in the world or be the Queen of diamonds, which would be fabulous! Well, I have a lot of stuff that I want to change. One: I would like to change my annoying sisters and make them my slaves. Two: I want to change the outfit I’m wearing right now, because it’s so two minutes ago. Three: my castle is awful; I would change my bedroom and make it huge and full of bougainvilleas. Four: I want to change my boring crown and make it full of golden diamonds (I know there are golden diamonds somewhere in the world).
Princesses have hopes too! One of my hopes is to become Queen and destroy my sisters. I also really hope that I’m going to marry an explorer or a prince; they are so rich and popular! I also really, desperately want to meet a person that is made completely out of diamonds. Actually last night I had a dream that Daddy found him, so I know he exists!
I don’t really care about my family, I only care about myself. It is so hard to be the prettiest of the princesses, and to stay the prettiest of all the princesses. So, I’m really worried that I am going to become the second prettiest of the princesses. My schedule is so difficult: I have to wake up at like 10:00 am and then the slaves have to brush my hair for an hour. Then I have to eat my breakfast and pick a gown to wear for the rest of the day. I also have to tell my designers what I want as a gown for the evening balls. When I wait for my gown to be made, I have to talk about the explorers and princes with my friends. Then I have lunch, put on my new gown and go to the evening ball. It is so exhausting!!
I just finished saying my side of the story, so…ummm… LEAVE!….ummm….RIGHT NOW!!!
Mummy they aren’t leaving me!!

A Cook’s Soliloquy By Byeongchan

Hi! I`m a cook from a kingdom. Do you think the Kingdom, king, and queen are nice? No, the queen is deadly and evil as a devil! She is waiting for a chance to kill the cooks!
I rather be a farmer. I rather farm than cook, because than the queen will not kill us! I wish there was no queen in my life. If that wish comes true, I will be so happy! But it`s pie in the sky…
Did you know that when I was little kid, my dream was to be the cook in the kingdom? But now I know how hard and bad it is. I want to work in another kingdom!
I wish that I could go back home. I really want to see my family. I wish I could see my brother, my mother and my father. Maybe next year, I will be able to see them!

Cook’s Soliloquy by Byeongchan

Hi, I`m a cook from a kingdom. Do you think the Kingdom, King, and Queen are nice? No, the queen is deadly and evil as a devil! She is waiting for a chance to kill the cook!
I rather be a farmer. I rather farm than cook, because than the queen will not kill us! I wish there were no Queen in my life. If that wish comes true, I will be so happy! But it`s a pie in the sky…
Did you know that when I was little kid my dream was to be the cook in the kingdom? But now I know how hard and bad it is. I want to work for another kingdom!
I wish that I could go back home. I really want to see my family. I wish I could see my brother, my mother and my father. Maybe next year, I will be able to see them!

Charlotte Gossips! by Jada

My name is Princess Charlotte and I officially hate my life! If you ask why I hate my life, this is probably what I will answer. The Explorers are no good and they are certainly not handsome! (That was a tragedy!) About the kingdom: there aren’t enough dreamy white horses and I don’t feel safe with those nincompoop guards! I don’t even want to think about those ignorant cooks who let those stinky rats into my royal dishes! Now do you understand?
I can’t tell you what a normal Princess would rather be, but I can tell you what a royal Princess like me would rather be, and it’s NOT what I am now! I’d rather be a royal Queen like my mother. I’d rather be in another KINGDOM!!! I wish I had more jewels than the Queen. But I also wish to marry a rich Explorer. Even though I’m perfect, I would like to change my look and my hair. (Not that it’s not beautiful!) And I’d like to change the kingdom, as I mentioned above.
Everybody has family problems even a beautiful Princess like me. Well, one way I could help my family problem is get my family a new BRAIN! Or I could give my family away and rule the kingdom. I also have a couple of family concerns, such as will my sisters EVER get smarter and will that Princess Odelia ever stop being a royal pain and always such a Tattle-Tale! Luckily my schedule is always full of things like going to the royal SPA and hairdresser, and looking for a plan to defeat my sisters.
Now don’t ask me any more! My head is spinning from this royal tragedy!