Should you believe everything you read on the internet!

Remember how we were evaluating sites in computer class this week?
Here’s the link to the site Juliette mentioned about the /treeoctopus/
Thank you for sharing!
How do you think you can tell if a site is real or fake?
Write a comment to share your tips with the class. Follow the directions on how to write a good comment posted on the blog.

2 thoughts on “Should you believe everything you read on the internet!

  1. Hi Mrs. Kynigou's class,I am a student from last year but I love this blog. I want to say that you will know if a website is real or fake because you will be able to erase and add into it like Wikipedia.I hope you have a good year with the best teacher ever!Sophie the "superblogger"

  2. I agree we shouln't believe Everything off the internet. Last year in 5th grade we where taught how to search well on the internet. If you are searching for example for Colombus and you found three resouses, two of them say he was going to India and China but he landed in America and the other one says that he was going to Egypt and he landed in Australia, well first you think of lagic sence and then you find another sight that says the same but if you don't it is probably not true.

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