How to leave a comment

Click! is our experimental classroom blog, first launched last year. We will be using it to share ideas and showcase what we have learned in our 5th grade classroom.
Our blog is a special kind of website that allows YOU to post comments. Let us know what you liked or what you have learned from what you read here.

Please follow these steps when you write a comment:
Steps to Comment:

1. Click on comment under the post.

2.Write your comment in the box. Write it like a brief letter. Sign your comment with your first name only. Take care to check your comment for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. Students should have a parent check it!

2.Type in the word verification.

3. Choose an identity to comment as. (If you have a gmail account, use it. If not, simply choose “Anonymous”.)

4. Click “Publish your Comment”. You may preview your comment before publishing if you’d like.

Important: You will not see your comment immediately as it will have to be approved by me first. Check back on the blog in a couple of days!
Mrs. Kynigou :o)
PS: Many thanks to educational blogger extraordinaire Ms Yollis for these tips on commenting!

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