My Dog Cagney By Sophie

Have you ever had a dog that you loved a lot? Well I know I have. Even before I was born my family had a dog. It was a girl. She didn’t play fetch and her name was Cagney. We had her for a long time. Farther down in the story I will tell you about what she looks like and her background story. If you like dogs read on. If you don’t like dogs read anyway.

I will tell you about some of her traits (except since she is a dog I don’t know her personality). Cagney was a beautiful dog. She was a Border collie-mix and was very lazy. She was a sheep dog but we didn’t own sheep so she didn’t round them up. Cagney was as fluffy as a bunny. I loved to lay down on her when I was little. Her eyes were big and dark brown. She had some spots on her legs. She had a sister which I will tell you about later. Cagney was a little shaggy but I don’t care!

Now I told you about her traits, I will tell you her background story. When Cagney was just a puppy (before I was born) she and her sister, Lacey, were in the pound. One day my mom and dad wanted to get a puppy so they chose to take one from the pound. They saw two dogs that were going to be put to sleep the next day, so they took them. My mom and dad named them after a T.V. show ‘Cagney and Lacey’ so that was their names. Then, my mom and dad started to move around too much and had to give Cagney to my mom’s mom and Lacey to my dad’s mom. When they came back from being overseas, my mom and dad asked their parents if they would like to keep the dogs.

Unfortunately, they both said yes so my mom and dad went home. But then my mom’s parents started moving too. So they had to give Cagney back to my parents except Lacey was settled with my dad’s mom. Every day after school I would pet Cagney. One day was really scary. Lacey had already passed away and Cagney was starting to get sick. My sister was in tears lying on Cagney. So my dad brought her to the vet. Fortunately, Cagney came home, just with some medicine that my brother fed to her every day. Next my grandma and grandpa came up to our house and watched the kids.
A couple weeks later I had after school activities. When I came home this is how I was greeted “Cagney died,” my brother blurted out. Then I went inside and Micaela (my sister) said to Nick “you weren’t supposed to tell her” and ran to mom. I was completely bewildered and astounded. The last person to talk to me was my mom, who said “Are you okay?” and I said “Yeah, I think so,” although I was fighting back tears.

My dog, Cagney, was the best dog ever and died at age fifteen (one-hundred and five in dog years)! Whenever I watch the movie ‘Marley and Me’ I burst into tears because the same thing that happened to Marley happened to Cagney. I could never ask for a better dog. Now I have a new dog named Calypso and I try to take great care of her. It’s a challenge but I believe I can do everything. So now you know the story of my dog and if you have a dog that you love with your whole heart and wouldn’t swap for anything you know how I feel!

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