Alert! Toys are coming! Part 3, by Francois

Two months later, after the big fight, Dard 1 and Dard 2 were having a lot of fun, but in a part of their head they were still thinking about where the boss could be. Every Wednesday they would have a meeting with the toys to talk about the bad guy boss, but even with weeks and weeks of searching they found nothing.
It was Tuesday and Dard 1 and Dard 2 were playing soccer, when a toy soldier came and said,
“We found the boss’s helicopter that crashed in Shanghai and no one was in it or near it.”
Dard 2 said to the soldier,
“Can you b—–?” The toy soldier whistled and a truck came with the helicopter on it.
“Ring the helicopter.” Dard 2 finished. Dard 1 and Dard 2 were examining the helicopter when suddenly Dard 2 received a punch in the face and fell on the ground.
“Why did you do that” Dard2 shouted.
“Because you were day dreaming,” Dard 1 said. “Hate you!” Dard 2 said.
2 hours later they finally found a mini plan and they saw that the enemy were going to attack Dard 1 and Dard 2’s base! This time with 100,000 unbreakable toys! Dard 1 and Dard 2 had to do something fast or they would be finished.

Dard 2 said, “I think I have an idea. Since I know how to make or repair toys, maybe I could make lots of robots of the same size as us, which means 1 meter 50, something like that.”
Dard 1 replied, “But the enemy’s toys are unbreakable.”
“Our robots will be in some way unbreakable. My robots will be in metal and metal doesn’t break easily and maybe the enemy toys are in metal, but they are so tiny that there is no problem,” Dard 2 replied.
Dard 1 and Dard 2 met with all the toys and Dard 1 said, “Here is the plan. Dard 2 will make big robots in metal the same size as us. We will send the big robots first to fight the unbreakable toys. After that’s finished, we will send you guys to fight the breakable toys. You will come in cars, tanks, helicopters, airplanes, and by foot. Those in helicopters and airplanes don’t stop shooting and never land! Ok now, you guys will go in the junk yards and the places where they crush cars or anything in metal and bring us all the metal you find. Ok?”
“Yes sir!” the toys said.
Every hour the toys brought about 100 big pieces of metal. After 5 days, Dard 2 had finished about 50 robots. They were fighting everyday with training robots.
Days and days past and no attacks happened. Suddenly a toy soldier came and said, “We found the enemy’s base and they’re ready to attack tomorrow at midnight and I heard their base’s name is Gradazoid.”
“Thank you” Dard 1 replied.
Dard 2 had made about 200 robots. Now they were ready. It was 5 min to midnight and they were all ready and 10 mins past, and 2 hours later still nothing happened, so Dard 1 said, “Ok, they didn’t come. Maybe they saw us spying, so maybe they are preparing a surprise attack. I want 100 soldiers to stay here and guard the base. Ok?”
Days and days past and nothing happened. Just in case, Dard 2 made about 200 more robots!
Dard 1 was about to give orders, when suddenly… BOOM!!!!!!!

The training area for robots exploded! Fire was everywhere and then…. BOOM!!!! Another explosion, but this time it was far away and what exploded was their base. Then a toy soldier came yelling that a bomb was going to explode under their feet!
Dard 1 yelled, “RUN!!!!!!!” Everybody went out running and the last soldier stepped out and… BOOM!!!!!!!!!!! Dard 1 and Dard 2’s house exploded!
Dard 1 yelled, “Our parents are inside!!!”
Dard 2 yelled, “You’re sure?’’
Together they went running, with all the soldiers, into the burning house. They searched everywhere but their parents were not there……….

‘‘You are sure they were there ?’’ shouted Dard 2.
‘‘YES !!!!!!’’ Dard 1 replied.
Dard 2 asked, ‘‘Can our parents have been blown somewhere else with the force of the bomb?’’
‘‘Yes, I’m 99% sure,’’ Dard 1 replied.
Then Dard 2 shouted to all the toy soldiers, ‘‘Search for our parents 10km around the house. Ok ?’’
‘‘Yes sir !’’ they replied.
Hours and hours passed. Dard 1 and Dard 2 were waiting in their new base that was in the garden, next to their other garden and house.
Then a toy soldier came and said, ‘‘We found your parents, but they were caught by the bad guys and we attacked to get them back but they used their unbreakable robots, so we had to run.’’ Dard 1 ordered Dard 2 to make 150 more robots because they were only 50 robots left because of the explosion. So after the same process for 5 days, finally there were 200 robots again.

They were all finishing eating when a helicopter came and a toy threw a note and flew away, Dard 1 took it and read it.

My dear friend,
If you want to save your parents you need to go to a mountain in France and that mountain is the ‘Mont Blanc’’, the tallest mountain in the world. You will have to get there tomorrow before 8 am. If you are not there, your parents are dead.

Your enemy
‘‘Ok soldiers, take the airplanes, helicopter, car, tanks and everything. Robots go there by flying. Ok ?’’ Dard 1 asked, ‘‘How are we going to go there ?’’
Dard 2 answered, ‘‘I made some shoes that can make us fly !’’
‘‘COOL !’’ Dard 1 replied.

They started their trip to France. Everything was going well, except that Dard 1 crashed into a bird.
Dard 1 asked, ‘‘How are we going to go in the mountain ? It’s freezing up there.’’
Dard 2 answered, ‘‘Don’t worry, I made some clothes that protect you from freezing and burning.’’
‘‘You are getting better !’’
‘‘Thanks !’’
A toy soldier went to see where the badguys were and he saw them. He came back and gave the news.
Dard 1 said, ‘‘Ok, here is the plan. All the toy soldiers go attack from one side. 19 robots go attack from another side and the last robot come with us and we will get our parents. Ready ? ATTACK !!!!!’’
A huge fight started. 2 days later the fight was still on. Dard 1 and Dard 2 and the robot took their parents and went away, leaving the fight continuing.

1 month later, Dard 1 and Dard 2 had no information about the fight and they escaped to be safe. They were eating with their parents, when suddenly 1 robot and 1 toy soldier arrived and said to Dard 1 and Dard 2, ‘ We won, but every one died and we captured the boss !
’’ Dard 1 took the boss and said, ‘‘You should die, but I reserved something else for you. You will be sold as a toy and you will be watched 24/24, 7/7. ok ?’’
‘‘Ok,’’ he replied.
1 week later, Dard 2 had repaired all the toys and everybody was celebrating and the the bad guys boss had been bought buy a girl and is living a Barbie life.
So this is how it all finishes, all good. But be aware, Dard 1 and Dard 2 will have other problems, and big ones !

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