Welcome Ms Neil!

Ms Neil says, “My name is Rachel Neil, I am a student-teacher intern from Canada. I am completing my Education degree through the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba. I am honored to have the opportunity to complete my final practicum at ACS Athens. Ms. Kynigou and the students have welcomed me with much hospitality. During my teaching experience I have been implementing the “Aboriginal perspective” which integrates disciplines across the curriculum. As a descendant of the Original First Peoples of Canada, I am passionate to share the distinct cultures that encompass the term “Aboriginal” and how the past is important in order to understand the present day Aboriginal People and their innovative contributions to Canada.
                The students are discovering the significance of oral traditions in these cultures and linking it to their own cultural stories which have been passed down from generation to generation. The objective is for students to compare personally and critically  oral, literacy, and media text as they gain a deeper understanding of cultural similarities and differences to acquire a awareness of global citizenship.
                After the Easter break, the students will be assigned a novel study of The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare. This is a notable book which has won the Newberry Award, and will connect their prior knowledge of Aboriginal Peoples as they explore the theme of survival in the wilderness.
                Once again I am enjoying my time in Ms. Kynigou’s classroom; it is my home away from home. I am receiving so much from this experience of teaching aboard and hope to give back to the students and school as a whole. My future students will benefit greatly as I gain an international mindset towards the world in which we live.”

4 thoughts on “Welcome Ms Neil!

  1. Dear Ms. Neil,That was very interesting! So far you have told us a lot of information already! I can't wait to learn more!!!!!!!!!! I also can't wait to read the book you will give us! I am very glad that you are the one to be our student teacher because you are sooooooooo nice!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like the way you teach and can hardly wait to have you teach for a while….I hope you enjoy your stay with us!~~~~~~SOPHIE

  2. Dear Ms.Neil,I know that in the future, you are gonna be the best teacher! I hope you had fun in Greece! I can't wait to read the book! You are as nice as Ms.Kynigou!!!!

  3. Ms. Neil Over the last 5-6 weeks, Mrs. Kynigou’s class has had a student-teacher. Her name is Ms. Neil. Ms.Neil is an aboriginal from Canada and wants to become a teacher. She is finishing her Education Degree from the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba. She has a son named Thyme. Ms. Neil has taught our class so much about stereotypes, racism and much more! She told us that there are positive and negative stereotypes. An example of a good one: all Indians are close to nature. And a bad one is: Indians stick like burrs. A stereotype is a judgment without taking time to criticize fairly. Ms. Neil also said that sometimes it can be offensive, even if you didn’t mean to, like saying “Are you a half-breed?” in a mean tone. Our class played some games like the medicine wheel game. We got a ball of yarn and one person got it. Then we had to pass the ball to another student and say a positive affirmation (comment) about that person. Later we started to read a book called “The Sign of the Beaver” by Elizabeth George Speare. It had many stereotypes about Indians like saying they are savages, which means wild beast. Finally, we learned so much about being equal and that even though everyone is different, we should be treated the same! I will really miss Ms. Neil once she is gone. Ms. Neil taught us so much!-Sophie Moffatt

  4. Ms. Neil Ms. Neil, I only have good memorize about her. Ok, here is how it started. One rainy day I got in the classroom and I saw her. I was thinking for a while who is that, then Mrs. Kynigou told us all about her and how she was a student teacher. I wondered from where she was. Then she told us she is from Canada. I got kind of confused, but she told us she was an “Indian” or an Aboriginal (better term). I was so excited learning about Aboriginal people. Ms. Neil taught me a lot. One of the most important thing she taught me is to stand up for my self and to be proud of who I am. I still remember her teaching the class about stereotypes. I was like, “Stereo what?” Then Ms. Neil told us what a stereotype is. There are negative and positive stereotypes. A stereotype is a judgment of someone you don’t know. For example a negative stereotype is: “Uh, she looks so mean.” Or “Indians are savages.” A positive would be “She looks so sweet” or “The Native Americans had a lovely way to thank mother earth.” Ms. Neil had been in our class for about a month, but it didn’t seem long to me. She is a great person when you get to meet her. Well, I got to the chance and she is an unbelievable person. Ms. Neil, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!! I really believe she will be a great teacher and I wish her the best! GOOD LUCK!!! Eugenia

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