The Best Birthday Ever!

Thank you all for making my birthday so special! I hardly ever get to celebrate at school, because usually my birthday is in the Easter holiday. This one was a day I shall always treasure! You are very special and dear children, each and every one of you! GROUP HUG!!!

4 thoughts on “The Best Birthday Ever!

  1. Happy Birthday dear Mrs. Kynigou!Happy Birthday to you!!!!!I hope you had a great birthday with us and your family!!! That was a delicious cookie cake! Your welcome! When it comes to birthdays I usually know;)!Sophie

  2. Dear Mrs. Kynigou,Happy Birthday!!!, & I hope that you will have a wonderful birthday and I and others hope that you enjoyed the cake!! It looks very nice!!! OK, but then I hope that you will be successful in your great teaching, lots of energy from Easter holiday. I need to do that too. Happy Birthday!!!Simon Langer 😀

  3. Dear Ms.Kynigou,Happy birthday!!!!! I hope you enjoy your cake! I enjoy it! It's good! Well, Happy birthday!!!P.S.: You gave us a compliment. That's a handful of beans! Aurel

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