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Spot the Stereotypes!

Look around you! Stereotypes are everywhere!
We’re collecting examples for Ms. Neil on our blog. Click on the Add a Sticky button to access the wallwisher to post your image, video,  photo, or observation.If you have a longer story to share, you can write it as a comment below this post, (wallwisher restricts you to about one sentence).
What’s the problem with stereotypes? Why do you think people think in stereotypes so easily? What is our responsibility when we hear stereotypes being used around us?
Add a comment. Ms Neil and I would love to hear your thoughts!

Alert! Toys are coming! Part 3, by Francois

Two months later, after the big fight, Dard 1 and Dard 2 were having a lot of fun, but in a part of their head they were still thinking about where the boss could be. Every Wednesday they would have a meeting with the toys to talk about the bad guy boss, but even with weeks and weeks of searching they found nothing.
It was Tuesday and Dard 1 and Dard 2 were playing soccer, when a toy soldier came and said,
“We found the boss’s helicopter that crashed in Shanghai and no one was in it or near it.”
Dard 2 said to the soldier,
“Can you b—–?” The toy soldier whistled and a truck came with the helicopter on it.
“Ring the helicopter.” Dard 2 finished. Dard 1 and Dard 2 were examining the helicopter when suddenly Dard 2 received a punch in the face and fell on the ground.
“Why did you do that” Dard2 shouted.
“Because you were day dreaming,” Dard 1 said. “Hate you!” Dard 2 said.
2 hours later they finally found a mini plan and they saw that the enemy were going to attack Dard 1 and Dard 2’s base! This time with 100,000 unbreakable toys! Dard 1 and Dard 2 had to do something fast or they would be finished.

Dard 2 said, “I think I have an idea. Since I know how to make or repair toys, maybe I could make lots of robots of the same size as us, which means 1 meter 50, something like that.”
Dard 1 replied, “But the enemy’s toys are unbreakable.”
“Our robots will be in some way unbreakable. My robots will be in metal and metal doesn’t break easily and maybe the enemy toys are in metal, but they are so tiny that there is no problem,” Dard 2 replied.
Dard 1 and Dard 2 met with all the toys and Dard 1 said, “Here is the plan. Dard 2 will make big robots in metal the same size as us. We will send the big robots first to fight the unbreakable toys. After that’s finished, we will send you guys to fight the breakable toys. You will come in cars, tanks, helicopters, airplanes, and by foot. Those in helicopters and airplanes don’t stop shooting and never land! Ok now, you guys will go in the junk yards and the places where they crush cars or anything in metal and bring us all the metal you find. Ok?”
“Yes sir!” the toys said.
Every hour the toys brought about 100 big pieces of metal. After 5 days, Dard 2 had finished about 50 robots. They were fighting everyday with training robots.
Days and days past and no attacks happened. Suddenly a toy soldier came and said, “We found the enemy’s base and they’re ready to attack tomorrow at midnight and I heard their base’s name is Gradazoid.”
“Thank you” Dard 1 replied.
Dard 2 had made about 200 robots. Now they were ready. It was 5 min to midnight and they were all ready and 10 mins past, and 2 hours later still nothing happened, so Dard 1 said, “Ok, they didn’t come. Maybe they saw us spying, so maybe they are preparing a surprise attack. I want 100 soldiers to stay here and guard the base. Ok?”
Days and days past and nothing happened. Just in case, Dard 2 made about 200 more robots!
Dard 1 was about to give orders, when suddenly… BOOM!!!!!!!

The training area for robots exploded! Fire was everywhere and then…. BOOM!!!! Another explosion, but this time it was far away and what exploded was their base. Then a toy soldier came yelling that a bomb was going to explode under their feet!
Dard 1 yelled, “RUN!!!!!!!” Everybody went out running and the last soldier stepped out and… BOOM!!!!!!!!!!! Dard 1 and Dard 2’s house exploded!
Dard 1 yelled, “Our parents are inside!!!”
Dard 2 yelled, “You’re sure?’’
Together they went running, with all the soldiers, into the burning house. They searched everywhere but their parents were not there……….

‘‘You are sure they were there ?’’ shouted Dard 2.
‘‘YES !!!!!!’’ Dard 1 replied.
Dard 2 asked, ‘‘Can our parents have been blown somewhere else with the force of the bomb?’’
‘‘Yes, I’m 99% sure,’’ Dard 1 replied.
Then Dard 2 shouted to all the toy soldiers, ‘‘Search for our parents 10km around the house. Ok ?’’
‘‘Yes sir !’’ they replied.
Hours and hours passed. Dard 1 and Dard 2 were waiting in their new base that was in the garden, next to their other garden and house.
Then a toy soldier came and said, ‘‘We found your parents, but they were caught by the bad guys and we attacked to get them back but they used their unbreakable robots, so we had to run.’’ Dard 1 ordered Dard 2 to make 150 more robots because they were only 50 robots left because of the explosion. So after the same process for 5 days, finally there were 200 robots again.

They were all finishing eating when a helicopter came and a toy threw a note and flew away, Dard 1 took it and read it.

My dear friend,
If you want to save your parents you need to go to a mountain in France and that mountain is the ‘Mont Blanc’’, the tallest mountain in the world. You will have to get there tomorrow before 8 am. If you are not there, your parents are dead.

Your enemy
‘‘Ok soldiers, take the airplanes, helicopter, car, tanks and everything. Robots go there by flying. Ok ?’’ Dard 1 asked, ‘‘How are we going to go there ?’’
Dard 2 answered, ‘‘I made some shoes that can make us fly !’’
‘‘COOL !’’ Dard 1 replied.

They started their trip to France. Everything was going well, except that Dard 1 crashed into a bird.
Dard 1 asked, ‘‘How are we going to go in the mountain ? It’s freezing up there.’’
Dard 2 answered, ‘‘Don’t worry, I made some clothes that protect you from freezing and burning.’’
‘‘You are getting better !’’
‘‘Thanks !’’
A toy soldier went to see where the badguys were and he saw them. He came back and gave the news.
Dard 1 said, ‘‘Ok, here is the plan. All the toy soldiers go attack from one side. 19 robots go attack from another side and the last robot come with us and we will get our parents. Ready ? ATTACK !!!!!’’
A huge fight started. 2 days later the fight was still on. Dard 1 and Dard 2 and the robot took their parents and went away, leaving the fight continuing.

1 month later, Dard 1 and Dard 2 had no information about the fight and they escaped to be safe. They were eating with their parents, when suddenly 1 robot and 1 toy soldier arrived and said to Dard 1 and Dard 2, ‘ We won, but every one died and we captured the boss !
’’ Dard 1 took the boss and said, ‘‘You should die, but I reserved something else for you. You will be sold as a toy and you will be watched 24/24, 7/7. ok ?’’
‘‘Ok,’’ he replied.
1 week later, Dard 2 had repaired all the toys and everybody was celebrating and the the bad guys boss had been bought buy a girl and is living a Barbie life.
So this is how it all finishes, all good. But be aware, Dard 1 and Dard 2 will have other problems, and big ones !

Welcome Ms Neil!

Ms Neil says, “My name is Rachel Neil, I am a student-teacher intern from Canada. I am completing my Education degree through the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba. I am honored to have the opportunity to complete my final practicum at ACS Athens. Ms. Kynigou and the students have welcomed me with much hospitality. During my teaching experience I have been implementing the “Aboriginal perspective” which integrates disciplines across the curriculum. As a descendant of the Original First Peoples of Canada, I am passionate to share the distinct cultures that encompass the term “Aboriginal” and how the past is important in order to understand the present day Aboriginal People and their innovative contributions to Canada.
                The students are discovering the significance of oral traditions in these cultures and linking it to their own cultural stories which have been passed down from generation to generation. The objective is for students to compare personally and critically  oral, literacy, and media text as they gain a deeper understanding of cultural similarities and differences to acquire a awareness of global citizenship.
                After the Easter break, the students will be assigned a novel study of The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare. This is a notable book which has won the Newberry Award, and will connect their prior knowledge of Aboriginal Peoples as they explore the theme of survival in the wilderness.
                Once again I am enjoying my time in Ms. Kynigou’s classroom; it is my home away from home. I am receiving so much from this experience of teaching aboard and hope to give back to the students and school as a whole. My future students will benefit greatly as I gain an international mindset towards the world in which we live.”

War of the Plague: Part 4 by Stuart

Ch. 1…
It was a dark, cold night, and Andrew was slipping through the trees, barely visible. Over the past year, he had mastered his techniques. Now it was his apprentice exam, to see if he could get into the Plague fighters. The Plague was an organization of beasts, or more like souls. They were ruled by a shamanic ruler, named George. He had integrated monsters and demons souls into things like bracelets and swords, forming an over-soul of a demonic beast. The beasts looked like they had scars all over their faces, and they only had a mouth, with sharp fangs for teeth, but the face otherwise was nothing. And as Andrew thought about them, he shuddered, but then he concentrated at the task at hand. He had been trained with only knives and swords, for the time being. As he ran through the trees, not making a sound, he heard something behind him, but it was just a faint sound of leaves being brushed. He looked behind him and saw nothing. Then, he heard it again, a little bit louder this time.
But it was at that moment that he made it across to the open clearing, where guards were posted, they wore thick, heavy armor to protect them from any weapon hitting them. There were exactly five of them, and he had five throwing knives. So he slipped out into the clearing, staying low to the ground. Then he got up for a split second, took his knife, and threw one. It landed in the man’s chest plate with a satisfying thunk. He crouched down, for a split second then stood up while he spun round to get some momentum. He threw his second knife and it just barely missed the guard by a foot. But Andrew had a second knife ready. The first was just a distraction, and he hit his target strait on. He hit the other 2 guards with amazing speed, but he was out of knives. Worried that the guard would turn any minute, he ran three feet from one of the guards, did a cartwheel, and grabbed his knife in the process, and spun around and threw the knife.
Now, he thought, he must get his other knives and get to the woods. “Never leave valuable equipment behind; it may save your life.” The phrase echoed in Andrew’s head, as it had been drilled into him for the past year. As he picked up the knives and ran to the forest.
As he entered the forest, he felt this eerie feeling, like something was watching him. As he got farther into the forest, he heard that strange brushing sound again. Andrew turns around and looked for the source of the sound. Then he saw it, a small flicker of movement that caught his attention. He automatically reached for his knife, but a low, dark, evil voice stopped him. “Who dares to try to harm the Plague, for his penalty shall be death” it seemed to say as a hooded figure stepped out of the shadows, with a gleaming sword. Andrews mind was racing! The Plague, the sword, he didn’t know if this was part of the exam, but he didn’t think so. He did what his gut told him to do, and drew his sword, a bad mistake. The Plague saw the movement and intercepted, by shooting a light blue, magic like flare that paralyzed his right arm. Andrew was in shock. “What was this thing?” is what his mind asked itself.
Andrew heard a buzzing noise that made him twitch. He was distracted and the Plague lunged at him, swiping his sword in an arc, slicing Andrews arm. He screamed in pain, but he realized “Pain, I feel pain!”
That was strange as he understood that the arm paralyzing was a psychological matter, and he felt confident. He grabbed the sword with his left arm, shaking with fear. He took a clumsy swing at the beast. With his non-dominant arm, he was in trouble. The sword cut through the Plague like nothing, because there was nothing to cut, the Plague just seemed to be air.

Magnetism and Electricity Questions

Can anyone help to find answers to our questions posted on this wallwisher? Students, parents and friends are all invited to contribute.
Loads of fascinating questions keep coming up in class. If you have a new one, post it here. If you can find an answer to one, post it as a comment below!
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