Our Favorite Lines from the Quest for Courage!

Share this movie with your family!
Ask your parents to leave you a comment on your performance in the play!
Many thanks to Ms Angelik for capturing  and making a collage of  these magical moments!

6 thoughts on “Our Favorite Lines from the Quest for Courage!

  1. Dear class,I thoroughly enjoyed watching each of you perform your favorite lines. Each of you are very exceptional and very expressive in your individual characters. I am so looking forward to seeing the video play!!!:)Miss Neil

  2. Dear Ms. Kynigou's class, We really enjoyed the play and the video as well!! The play is a good place for the students to show their courage in front of public like the theme of the play, "The Quest for Courage." The video it self, has captured the moments before the students got on stage. We just hope that there will be a full video of the play for our memories. Congratulations for all of the students and also the teachers!! Great work!!! Aurel's Family

  3. Dear Mrs. Kynigou's class,This was the best 5th grade play ever! You did a fantastic job with the set, the costumes, the stage direction and, most especially, the acting. Your hard work and practice really paid off. Mr. Moffatt

  4. Dear 5th Grade,"Quest for Courage" was fantastic and I especially enjoyed helping you with your makeup. Thanks for letting me be part of it all. And Sir Belch, your burps continue to entertain us…..Dino's Mom

  5. Dear Ms Kynigou's class,This was a exelent performance,dynamic acting from the kids,educatinal story, very beautiful and well made costumes and impressive directing. I really enjoied watching it. Petros Kapasouris

  6. Dear 5th graders, Watching you preform, I spotted out many talented future actors! It was obvious how much time and effort you and your teachers had put into the play and to have such a successfull outcome. Congratulations! Varvara's Mom

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