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Sir Belch’s Soliloquy by Dino

I am Sir Belch. A knight in training at the Nimble Knights Training Academy.
My name is Sir Belch because I burp or belch all the time. Our instructor at the academy thinks I am an incompetent fool along with Sir Talksalot, Sir Numbskull, Sir Please Settle Down, and Sir Jellyfish.

I admire 4 people, the crazy cooks. They put up with the King’s and Queen’s moaning and groaning about terrible food. I also admire them because their food fills my stomach with gas that causes belching or burping. I really hate all the other knights. They are like belching on an empty stomach to me. I HATE THEM ALL!

When I was really little, my parents abandoned me because of the smell of my breath from the belching and junk foods I ate. I swore one day I would seek revenge on them for that treacherous day that destroyed my life.
I grew up as a street kid, begging as I got older and older.

One day I was out begging and these people came up to me and gave me 50 dollars. I was overwhelmed. I asked them for their names and they said Mary and Marcus Belch. Suddenly my body filled with anger and I told them what they had done to me by abandoning me that day. Then they explained to me that they lost me. I was suddenly happy and my happiness came out in a toxic burp, it killed them and I was so angry at myself I signed up for a correctional facility, which turned out to be a Knight training school, and there I am to this very day.

I just wish that my parents were here alive. Sometimes I dream that I drift to heaven and live my death with them. I fear that when I die I will go to the underworld because God wants to punish me for begging my whole life and seeking revenge on those I love most.