The New School by Niki S.

It was Friday afternoon and I was reading a Harry Potter book. My brother was at the playground playing with his friends. My Mummy and Daddy came into my bedroom and said, “We have something to tell you’’. I got very scared. I was looking at them and I was wondering. I thought they wanted to talk to me because I had done something wrong. My Mummy sat next to me and said,
“We have found a good school with very good teachers.’’
“All right’’, I said.
“But this new school is an English school. You have to talk to your friends and teachers in English. You will go this year.’’
“Can’t I go next year?’’, I asked.
“No”, replied my mother. ”Teachers said that next year would be too difficult for you.’’
I was very sad and I started crying. I didn’t want to leave my old friends at my old school. What would they say? What about, Dio, my best friend? Will she cry when she hears the news? Then, I thought that, the new school might be good and I might not have any problems there. But when my brother, George, learned about the school, he started crying because he didn’t want to leave his friends behind.
Then the first day at the new school came. When we arrived at school, we went to Ms. Pappas’s office for the registration. Ms. Pappas asked some questions to see how well we knew English. When I was talking to her, I didn’t know that she was the principal of ACS.
Then we left Ms. Pappas office and we went to my brother’s, George class. We left him there and we went to my class. Ms. Kynigou welcomed me like this,
“Hi, I’m your teacher for this year. My name is Ms. Kynigou. What’s your name? ”
“Niki”, I whispered.
“Oh”, said Ms. Kynigou, “You have a wonderful name. We also have another Niki in the class,” she said and pointed at Niki K.
Then, she brought me to the desk where Barbara, Anna and Myrto were sitting.
“You may sit there for the moment” she said.
Then she started passing out some small papers. She wrote on board. “My name is ______. This year I want to sit with ______.”
“You have to fill in the blanks and give it to me”, she said, “but there are some kids, like Niki, that don’t know anybody, so make sure you help her to make friends.”
Then, we went out for recess. That was the first time that I ever played four square.
My Mummy was right. This school is very good. I have learned so many things since I came here and I have to say that this is, maybe, the best school in whole of Greece.

By Niki S.

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