Dancing in front of 200 people by Nicolas

Dancing is fun, especially when you you’re by yourself. Trust me, however, it’s not fun when you dance in front of 200 PEOPLE! When I did that I was so shy that I went red as lava. That was my first time dancing in public and I died from embarrassment!

The first time was at my dance teacher’s celebration, and the second time was at my old school at a competition. My friends were envious and they started teasing me.

“You are not going to be the winner” they shouted at me.
“Well don’t be sure, there are so many of you, you are going to fall down off the stage,” I replied to them.

I didn’t care what they did and what they said, so I went away after our fight.

The day came, so I had to do my best. When it was my turn I was shy. I didn’t remember the steps and that was a big problem. My teacher was at the other corner of the stage, but I didn’t notice her. After a while I spotted her and she showed me the steps, but I still wished I could pull out the wires from the electric spotlight! Then I looked at my teacher and I remembered it all. However, still I didn’t look anybody in the eyes.

After I finished I realized it was not so bad. At the end, everyone congratulated me and said it was fantastic. But the thing I was most rid of was being shy.

From this experience I learned that you don’t need to be shy or think you don’t know the steps. I hope that when they invite me to dance I will try my best and won’t be shy.

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