Sprained Right Hand by Takao

One day I went over to my friend’s house. We played a game where you have to jump off the top of the bunk bed and do a spin in the air and land. When it was my turn, I jumped and span in the air,but when I span, I lost balance and when I landed most of my weight was on my right wrist, so it got sprained.
It was painful. Whenever I moved it a tiny little bit it hurt so much. The problem was that I couldn’t really do anything with my hand sprained. Then I thought, I couldn’t go to school, since I write with my right hand! I didn’t feel that bad because maybe I wasn’t going to school tomorrow!

The next day I woke up because my mom said,”WAKE UP!” I complained that my wrist was hurting, but that didn’t work. Gradually, I got out of my bed, changed my clothes and got ready to go to school. I had cereal for breakfast, but I had to use my left hand, so it took me a longer time. Finally we left home and headed to the school.

Then I reached school. When I came to the classroom everybody was asking me, “What happened?” I kept answering the same thing, over and over, for what seemed like a long time.

Then I had to do the morning assignment. I tried my best to write with my right hand, but didn’t last for long. I wrote with my left hand, even though my writing was awful. Usually it took me 5 minutes, but this day it took me about 15 minutes! Unluckily, on that day there were lots of writing assignments.

Recess finally came. It seemed like a very long time since I was strugling to write. I ran to the playground, but then suddenly I remembered that my wrist hurt! I played 4-square as usual, but with my left hand. I wasn’t good that day!

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