My First Solo! by Eugenia

I was in fourth grade, when we had the 80’s spring concert. The day Ms. Gaines gave me the solo on “We Are The Wold”, I was shocked! I had always wanted a solo… but not then!
When I went home my mind was stuck on the song and it wouldn’t think of anything else. I was having nightmares about being on stage. I could see myself on stage getting embarrassed.
I asked for help, but nobody cared. I asked my mom. She said, “Study first, and then I’ll see if I have time.”
But the more I studied, the less help I got.
Finally the day came and it was time to go on stage. My teeth were chattering. I was looking at the light and it felt like my first time on stage all over again. Ms. Gaines said, “It’s your turn.” I was shaking. I heard the audience whispering and that felt bad. While I was singing, my voice was full of fear.
When I got off stage, I felt proud of myself. I was so happy, I was jumping up and down. I wanted to do it again!
The problem was I used to be shy and nervous. I didn’t believe in myself. After this experience I could believe in myself and I faced my fear.

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