Moving too Much!!! By Sophie

Is your dad in the army? Mom? Well, my dad is! I’m glad he has a job, but that makes us (my family) have to move. If you do have a parent in the military, you probably know just how I feel. If you don’t have a parent in the military, read on and find out why I am mad.
I was just born and a couple months later we moved! I was so excited (or at least my dad said so)! We moved to Germany. About 4 years later my brother, Nick, was born (so far moving isn’t bad)! I was so happy because I was a big sister! I loved my brother! Then we moved back to Virginia (where I was born). In Germany I enjoyed going up to our friends’ apartment and taking cookies. No more cookies!! 😦
When we moved I met new friends. I had 3 best friends: Emma, Marin and Justice. We played together all the time! I was so happy and had so much fun. Also at this time my other brother, Caedan, was born.
Then we had to move to Greece (where I am now). Before we left it felt like there was a heavy weight in my stomach. I was so sad and felt like crying. I usually show only facial emotions. I have a bad feeling inside, but I don’t burst out crying. I was afraid I would never see my friends again! My dad told me we would skype, email, and send mail back and forth. So I felt better.
I started to think on the airplane while I was watching a movie, “What would this place be like? Will it be really different? Will I like it?” Finally, I fell asleep. I started to dream about Greece. Then when I woke up, we were there. We got off the plane. Once I got there I thought it was be stupendous because I loved all the sights like the Acropolis and Poseidon’s Temple. I also think that the beaches are the best and that they’re so blue and teal. Here in Greece was the first time I snorkeled. Finally I met new friends (Aurel, Mikayla, Antonia, Evgenia, Stephanie, Anna and a lot more!!!!)!
Now, moving isn’t that bad for me. I’m used it. I was so angry that I had to leave my friends. Even though I am moving in July, 2011, I will remember Greece, my friends, and all the good memories, then it won’t be so hard for me! Here, take my advice, believe you’ll like the place, enjoy where you are now and don’t think negative, BE POSITIVE!
QUOTE: Yesterday’s history
Tomorrow’s a mystery
Today is a gift,
That’s why it’s called the present!

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