Going to the Dentist!!!! By: Aurel

That night! That day! I’ll never forget about it. I hate to go to the dentist!!
When my mom said that we’ll go to the dentist, I was so mad. I remember when I went to the dentist for the first time. That dentist was so mean. He didn’t let my mom come inside. But this time, I’ll go to another dentist. I hope it’s a girl.
The night before, I was really afraid, I couldn’t sleep and, I was always imagining the scary face of the dentist. I was scared of the tools that the dentist uses. That’s my problem. My mom told me, “if you want to not be afraid, just face your fear, and imagine a nice thing like ice-cream and, I will hold your hand and of course close your eyes.”
This is the day! Today I’ll go to the dentist. I wait and wait until the nurse calls my name. I stand up with my mom and dad and we go to the room. The dentist is a girl. My wish came true. When the dentist checked my teeth, I cry a little, I open my mouth wide (of course), I close my eyes, my heart is thumping and my stomach hurts. I wait till the dentist has done checking my teeth.
After the dentist is done checking my teeth, I go outside with my dad, and my brother and my mom are talking with the dentist. I’m really proud of myself. Actually, is no that bad to go to the dentist. I’m really glad. So I dance and sing. I’m really happy. Is not that scary. From now on, I’m not scared of the dentist. You also need to not be afraid, like me.

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