3 thoughts on “Eugenia’s Time Zone project

  1. Dear Evgenia,I loved the bonus question. Let me guess, if the time is 12:00p.m. there, then here it is 7:00p.m. Right?Well great job and keep up the good work!Sophie

  2. Evgenia and Julia, The surprise contrast of animals and pictures are great fun, especially as you go on to cartoons. (Somebody is handy at drawing!) We liked the way you used arrows to get double the value out of your pictures. It was a very professional way to finish with the contrast times, and then to tell us your sources in AOL and Google.David and Magdalen Preen (Mrs Kynigou's Dad and Mum)

  3. Sophie: Yes you got it!! And thanks!!Mr.David and Mrs.Magdalen Preen: Thank you, and the animals (most)were my pen pals Julia's, and the cartoon was a real drawing I drew the way my pen pal told me(not realistic).

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