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Dancing in front of 200 people by Nicolas

Dancing is fun, especially when you you’re by yourself. Trust me, however, it’s not fun when you dance in front of 200 PEOPLE! When I did that I was so shy that I went red as lava. That was my first time dancing in public and I died from embarrassment!

The first time was at my dance teacher’s celebration, and the second time was at my old school at a competition. My friends were envious and they started teasing me.

“You are not going to be the winner” they shouted at me.
“Well don’t be sure, there are so many of you, you are going to fall down off the stage,” I replied to them.

I didn’t care what they did and what they said, so I went away after our fight.

The day came, so I had to do my best. When it was my turn I was shy. I didn’t remember the steps and that was a big problem. My teacher was at the other corner of the stage, but I didn’t notice her. After a while I spotted her and she showed me the steps, but I still wished I could pull out the wires from the electric spotlight! Then I looked at my teacher and I remembered it all. However, still I didn’t look anybody in the eyes.

After I finished I realized it was not so bad. At the end, everyone congratulated me and said it was fantastic. But the thing I was most rid of was being shy.

From this experience I learned that you don’t need to be shy or think you don’t know the steps. I hope that when they invite me to dance I will try my best and won’t be shy.

The New School by Niki S.

It was Friday afternoon and I was reading a Harry Potter book. My brother was at the playground playing with his friends. My Mummy and Daddy came into my bedroom and said, “We have something to tell you’’. I got very scared. I was looking at them and I was wondering. I thought they wanted to talk to me because I had done something wrong. My Mummy sat next to me and said,
“We have found a good school with very good teachers.’’
“All right’’, I said.
“But this new school is an English school. You have to talk to your friends and teachers in English. You will go this year.’’
“Can’t I go next year?’’, I asked.
“No”, replied my mother. ”Teachers said that next year would be too difficult for you.’’
I was very sad and I started crying. I didn’t want to leave my old friends at my old school. What would they say? What about, Dio, my best friend? Will she cry when she hears the news? Then, I thought that, the new school might be good and I might not have any problems there. But when my brother, George, learned about the school, he started crying because he didn’t want to leave his friends behind.
Then the first day at the new school came. When we arrived at school, we went to Ms. Pappas’s office for the registration. Ms. Pappas asked some questions to see how well we knew English. When I was talking to her, I didn’t know that she was the principal of ACS.
Then we left Ms. Pappas office and we went to my brother’s, George class. We left him there and we went to my class. Ms. Kynigou welcomed me like this,
“Hi, I’m your teacher for this year. My name is Ms. Kynigou. What’s your name? ”
“Niki”, I whispered.
“Oh”, said Ms. Kynigou, “You have a wonderful name. We also have another Niki in the class,” she said and pointed at Niki K.
Then, she brought me to the desk where Barbara, Anna and Myrto were sitting.
“You may sit there for the moment” she said.
Then she started passing out some small papers. She wrote on board. “My name is ______. This year I want to sit with ______.”
“You have to fill in the blanks and give it to me”, she said, “but there are some kids, like Niki, that don’t know anybody, so make sure you help her to make friends.”
Then, we went out for recess. That was the first time that I ever played four square.
My Mummy was right. This school is very good. I have learned so many things since I came here and I have to say that this is, maybe, the best school in whole of Greece.

By Niki S.

Vote for the best Time Zone Project!

THANK YOU to Sophie, Simon, Evina, Dino, Eugenia, Niki S., Aurel and Anna, who all submitted fabulous Time Zone Projects! You have all done excellent and thoughtful work! Please could each of you submit a comment in a paragraph under your own project describing how you collaborated with your penpal. Explain the steps in the process of making the PowerPoint and who did which part.

Calling all blog readers! It is your turn to vote to select the project you think most accurately and effectively represents the real time differences in activity between our class and our pen pals. Please add your vote to the poll, when you have made your selection.
This poll closes Jan 31st at 12 noon! The winning entry will be posted on the ACS website!

Evina’s Time Zone Project re-posted

THIS   IS   EVINA’S  &    HELEN’S   TIME  :  

TIME WE WAKE UP :7:00am – 2:00pm
TIME  WE  ARE  AT  SCHOOL:9:00am-2:00am
TIME  WE  COME  FROM  SCHOOL:3:30pm-8:30am
TIME  WE  START  LESSON:5:00pm-10:00am
TIME  WE  ATE  OUR  DINNER:8:00pm-1:00pm
TIME  WE GO  TO  SLEEP:9:00-2:00pm
  USA   TIME  IS  7  HOURS  BACK!!!!
the  blue  letters   are  yours  in  usa
and  the  red  letters  are mine  in  Greece

Moving too Much!!! By Sophie

Is your dad in the army? Mom? Well, my dad is! I’m glad he has a job, but that makes us (my family) have to move. If you do have a parent in the military, you probably know just how I feel. If you don’t have a parent in the military, read on and find out why I am mad.
I was just born and a couple months later we moved! I was so excited (or at least my dad said so)! We moved to Germany. About 4 years later my brother, Nick, was born (so far moving isn’t bad)! I was so happy because I was a big sister! I loved my brother! Then we moved back to Virginia (where I was born). In Germany I enjoyed going up to our friends’ apartment and taking cookies. No more cookies!! 😦
When we moved I met new friends. I had 3 best friends: Emma, Marin and Justice. We played together all the time! I was so happy and had so much fun. Also at this time my other brother, Caedan, was born.
Then we had to move to Greece (where I am now). Before we left it felt like there was a heavy weight in my stomach. I was so sad and felt like crying. I usually show only facial emotions. I have a bad feeling inside, but I don’t burst out crying. I was afraid I would never see my friends again! My dad told me we would skype, email, and send mail back and forth. So I felt better.
I started to think on the airplane while I was watching a movie, “What would this place be like? Will it be really different? Will I like it?” Finally, I fell asleep. I started to dream about Greece. Then when I woke up, we were there. We got off the plane. Once I got there I thought it was be stupendous because I loved all the sights like the Acropolis and Poseidon’s Temple. I also think that the beaches are the best and that they’re so blue and teal. Here in Greece was the first time I snorkeled. Finally I met new friends (Aurel, Mikayla, Antonia, Evgenia, Stephanie, Anna and a lot more!!!!)!
Now, moving isn’t that bad for me. I’m used it. I was so angry that I had to leave my friends. Even though I am moving in July, 2011, I will remember Greece, my friends, and all the good memories, then it won’t be so hard for me! Here, take my advice, believe you’ll like the place, enjoy where you are now and don’t think negative, BE POSITIVE!
QUOTE: Yesterday’s history
Tomorrow’s a mystery
Today is a gift,
That’s why it’s called the present!

Sprained Right Hand by Takao

One day I went over to my friend’s house. We played a game where you have to jump off the top of the bunk bed and do a spin in the air and land. When it was my turn, I jumped and span in the air,but when I span, I lost balance and when I landed most of my weight was on my right wrist, so it got sprained.
It was painful. Whenever I moved it a tiny little bit it hurt so much. The problem was that I couldn’t really do anything with my hand sprained. Then I thought, I couldn’t go to school, since I write with my right hand! I didn’t feel that bad because maybe I wasn’t going to school tomorrow!

The next day I woke up because my mom said,”WAKE UP!” I complained that my wrist was hurting, but that didn’t work. Gradually, I got out of my bed, changed my clothes and got ready to go to school. I had cereal for breakfast, but I had to use my left hand, so it took me a longer time. Finally we left home and headed to the school.

Then I reached school. When I came to the classroom everybody was asking me, “What happened?” I kept answering the same thing, over and over, for what seemed like a long time.

Then I had to do the morning assignment. I tried my best to write with my right hand, but didn’t last for long. I wrote with my left hand, even though my writing was awful. Usually it took me 5 minutes, but this day it took me about 15 minutes! Unluckily, on that day there were lots of writing assignments.

Recess finally came. It seemed like a very long time since I was strugling to write. I ran to the playground, but then suddenly I remembered that my wrist hurt! I played 4-square as usual, but with my left hand. I wasn’t good that day!

Going to the Dentist!!!! By: Aurel

That night! That day! I’ll never forget about it. I hate to go to the dentist!!
When my mom said that we’ll go to the dentist, I was so mad. I remember when I went to the dentist for the first time. That dentist was so mean. He didn’t let my mom come inside. But this time, I’ll go to another dentist. I hope it’s a girl.
The night before, I was really afraid, I couldn’t sleep and, I was always imagining the scary face of the dentist. I was scared of the tools that the dentist uses. That’s my problem. My mom told me, “if you want to not be afraid, just face your fear, and imagine a nice thing like ice-cream and, I will hold your hand and of course close your eyes.”
This is the day! Today I’ll go to the dentist. I wait and wait until the nurse calls my name. I stand up with my mom and dad and we go to the room. The dentist is a girl. My wish came true. When the dentist checked my teeth, I cry a little, I open my mouth wide (of course), I close my eyes, my heart is thumping and my stomach hurts. I wait till the dentist has done checking my teeth.
After the dentist is done checking my teeth, I go outside with my dad, and my brother and my mom are talking with the dentist. I’m really proud of myself. Actually, is no that bad to go to the dentist. I’m really glad. So I dance and sing. I’m really happy. Is not that scary. From now on, I’m not scared of the dentist. You also need to not be afraid, like me.

My First Solo! by Eugenia

I was in fourth grade, when we had the 80’s spring concert. The day Ms. Gaines gave me the solo on “We Are The Wold”, I was shocked! I had always wanted a solo… but not then!
When I went home my mind was stuck on the song and it wouldn’t think of anything else. I was having nightmares about being on stage. I could see myself on stage getting embarrassed.
I asked for help, but nobody cared. I asked my mom. She said, “Study first, and then I’ll see if I have time.”
But the more I studied, the less help I got.
Finally the day came and it was time to go on stage. My teeth were chattering. I was looking at the light and it felt like my first time on stage all over again. Ms. Gaines said, “It’s your turn.” I was shaking. I heard the audience whispering and that felt bad. While I was singing, my voice was full of fear.
When I got off stage, I felt proud of myself. I was so happy, I was jumping up and down. I wanted to do it again!
The problem was I used to be shy and nervous. I didn’t believe in myself. After this experience I could believe in myself and I faced my fear.

War of the Plague: Part 3 by Stuart

“Who taught you to fight like that?” Andrew huffed, out of breath.
“I taught myself,” the instructor replied.
“Meet me tomorrow at the arena, 8:00 sharp,” he continued.
“Okay…” Andrew replied.
The next day, Andrew met the instructor, at the arena. He was in regular clothes, except of the wooden sword in his hand. He tossed it to Andrew, and he caught it. Andrew stared at it, in confusion.
The instructor told him, “Well, if you’re goanna be taught how to fight, I’m goanna teach you,”
“But I already know how to fight!”
“Not really.”
“There’s still a lot you need to learn.”
“First, you need to work on your sword stroke; it isn’t in the right position.”
Andrew and the instructor worked all day, and by the end, Andrew was exhausted.