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Pangaea by Nicolas

Were all the continents joined all together to make one big continent? Why did Albert Wagener say that? Was it true? No-one knows.

One sunny afternoon Albert Wagener was at his lab investigating and trying to find evidence that the world was one big continent before two billion years ago. All the people thought he was crazy, but one person didn’t. His name was Albert Einstein.
After years and years, Albert Einstein died because of sickness and Mr. Wagener went to his funeral. Wagener never showed up again. Was he gone? Police tried to find him but never did. He went to the Titanic and left England forever.

On the14th of April 1912, the Titanic crashed on an iceberg. Some of the experts said that the ship would sink after approximately 2-3 hours. Everybody started panicking. The lifeboats were being held down half full with ladies and children. Mr. Wagener was a first-class passenger, but he jumped out of the ship and climbed on a lifeboat.

After hours at sea, the Carpathia took all the survivors on board. When they reached America, he went to cooperate with other scientists but they didn’t want him. So with the money he had left, he bought a big building that was then a lab. The Americans thought he was crazy too, but he didn’t care.

After 2 years he returned to England with very much evidence. He went to an event and interrupted the speech and nobody realized it was him. When he started saying the usual things the crowd was getting bored, but when the president came they started screaming at each other. Albert shouted to the president that if nobody believed him then all the people should come to see.

When they arrived at South America, he brought some workers so they can dig up fossils. Days past, and past. At last they found fossils (or bones of animals). Then they travelled to Cameroon and Nigeria and found the same things. All the people were surprised and said to the president, “We need a president that respects other people’s thoughts and feelings.”

At last the president was gone. Everybody said, “Albert has to be the president!” But he said he was a scientists and a scientist doesn’t know much about politics.
So from know on there are no more presidents, only kings and queens.