Sea Poem by Jia Wei Shi

In the lagoon,
A boy sails his boat.
It crashes with the coral reef,
Falls into the greenish mysterious, mile deep sea.

Under the water,
There is only leaden, solitary seaweed,
Lying on the sand.

As the boy swims out,
The boy sees a crystal silent sea.
But suddenly the glassy hostile swells
Swallow the boy.

After this is happening,
The sea becomes silent again,
Just like nothing happened.

The hissing water is like it is saying,
No one can violate me,
The God of the Sea.

1 thought on “Sea Poem by Jia Wei Shi

  1. Dear Jia Shi,What a moving piece of poetry! Your poetry involves self-expression and allows me to catch a glimpse of your inner beauty, insight and sensitivity. Thank you for allowing me into your world for a brief moment.I would like to know if you are you aware you were using techniques such as applying alliteration, similes and metaphors? I am also curious as to how you would critique your own poem?Ms. Pappas

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