One Day in Columbus’ Life by Niki S.

Today is October 1492. We are in the sea searching for India. I am sitting on deck looking at the sea. I remember the time that we had seen this bird and all the other things that made us believe that we are close to land. I am thinking that we will never reach land.
Suddenly, before I can finish my thoughts I hear the lookout boy shouting, ’’Land-land’’. I was too excited. For two months we were searching for land. We jump over the boats and start to come close to land. But our boats won’t move because it was too shallow. So we started to swim very quickly.
Finally we reach land. I see big trees and lots of plants. After that come some people to greet us. They are different than the other Indians are. They are singing strange songs. I smell sea and salt. I am looking at the new people. How different they are! I am looking away and my eye goes to the leader of the Indians. I walk and speak to him with my hands. They understand what I’m trying to explain and that we will not do something bad to them.
After that, I ask them if they know where gold is. The search for gold is too difficult, but we found some. I am hungry and I find something to eat. There are new crops in India and I eat them they are so tasty. I like the smell of them. My hands are too wet and I shiver when I touch them.
Night begins to fall. We stop searching for gold, we greet the Indians and come back to our ships: the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. It is time to sleep but I don’t want to sleep. This was the greatest experience that I have ever had. I fell in my bed and look the stars. There are so many. I sleep looking at the stars and deep in my thoughts.

2 thoughts on “One Day in Columbus’ Life by Niki S.

  1. Dear Niki S.,That was stupendous! I really like the part in the beginnig where you said the date of the day and said what Christopher Columbus was doing on the boat because it made me feel as if I were on the boat with him! Keep up; the good work!Your classmate,Sophie

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