August 3,1002

Today is the day I will set out for the far west mysterious land. It is hidden far west beyond the mist.
Around breakfast time I got ready to go on this long adventure. After few minutes, my crew, animals, supplies, and I boarded on the longship. As I went on, I heard the waves crashing on the side of the longship. I said bye to everyone. My father told me to become a great explorer like him. I set sail to the mysterious land. As I went I could smell the sea water.

After a long 1 hour my crew was getting tired so we stopped for a while. I was also a bit tired so I leaned on the side of the boat. The side of the boat was rough so it scratched me.

As we went on we eventually came to a storm which wasn’t too bad. It was still pretty challenging to command the crew to do the things needed to survive through the storm. I never gave up, although my throat was getting sore.

An hour later we finally got out of the storm. I guessed that it was around lunch time since I was starting to get hungry. I licked my lips and tasted the salt of the sea water. My crew and I ate salt fish that we brought from Greenland. The animals ate other plants. We rested for about half an hour. We set sail again towards the west, to the mysterious land.

2 thoughts on “DAY IN THE LIFE OF LEIF ERICSSON by Takao

  1. Dear Takao,Great work! I liked the part where they came to a storm and when the boat scratched him. It was good how you used your source of touch! Good job!Sophie

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