Columbus Character Sketch by Varvara

Columbus’ long blond hair is blowing in the wind that the ship produces by its speed. His brown eyes glare piercingly at his crew as he is flipping a maravidis in his hand. He scrunches up his eyes trying to get away from the sea water splashing at his face as he stares at the horizon, his pale face turning blue by the cold.
Columbus is a good man, but like everybody, he has bad sides. For example, he is calm but also competitive. For example when the crew saw a falling star the crew was scared, but Columbus like a good leader calmed them and tried to be calm himself. On the other hand his bad quality is competitiveness (that’s just one of them.) He is competitive because when Martin Pinzon sailed the other way and said that he thought he found land, Columbus did not get interested in going that way because he wanted to get the maravides for himself. Also he wanted to be first to find land.
Have you ever had dreams and thoughts? Well Columbus had, but he had fears and wishes too! Two of wishes were to get the 10,000 maravides and to find land. Also he feared that they will run out of food and water. Perhaps those are not all of them because everybody has more than one fear, dream, thought and wish! But we will never know.

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