How to go to Timeout by Nicolas

Are you sure you want to go to timeout? Is it correct to go to timeout? Well sometimes it is. That is, it is the best thing to do when you are bored in class.
I will tell you some advice, try to get 6 timeouts in a month because then you will visit the scary principal and after that you will stay at your lovely home for one whole day! (Well, this would not be true from my point of view, I like school a lot.) The following reasons could persuade a little kid to do so. If you get lots of timeouts you would become the master of timeouts and everybody will ask you if you are the master and you would respond, “Yes!” You would miss school and watch TV and do whatever you want and best of all is that you would not need to do your…… HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it doesn’t work the first time, try to get in trouble again and again. This is my favorite expression “Never give up.” Try it. After it works you will be begging me to tell you more and more advice!!!!!!
Hope it works out!!!!
Best wishes,

4 thoughts on “How to go to Timeout by Nicolas

  1. Dear Nick,That essay was a very interesting and funny essay.I liked how you described things like the scary principal.How do you know lots about timeouts?Maybe you also got lots of timeouts?Takao

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