Christopher Columbus: Character Sketch by Sophie

Captain Columbus has sharp blue eyes, the color of the ocean or sea when the waves are big. When he walks about the decks, he slowly paces while fumbling with his rosary. He stands tall and muscular. His brown, short, salt encrusted hair sways with his robes that nearly touch the brim of his brown boots, going “squeak” on every board. When he walks, his skinny body moving in and out of the crew, it is dead silent and they stare at his pale, wrinkly, straight face. While he talks in a low voice, his sharp nose rests on top of his salty lips.
Christopher Columbus is tactical liar. He tells his crew that they’re closer to land then they think, although in his big log he writes a farther, more accurate calculation than he tells them. Columbus has good and bad sides. He is very competitive. He doesn’t want anyone to find land except for him and get the 10,000 maravedis. He wants the money for himself. Christopher is very courageous. He doesn’t let his fear overcome him. He is also distrustful. He doesn’t trust some people. For example, when they were sailing and the Pinta said they saw land, he said, “…No you didn’t. We must go this way like the compass says.” So if there really was land, they wouldn’t get the reward. He is very calm. He is loyal. He tells the crew”…We’re going to find land. Hang on,” and it helps them. He is the only person who doesn’t show he’s scared.
To you, Columbus might be hardy and courageous but he, like us, has fears. He is terrified they will never find land and that the Santa Maria will sink. He worries that if they don’t find land they will run out of food and die, right there in the beautiful, dark, blue ocean. He thinks these dark thoughts either when he is lying awake in his bed or when he is peering at the horizon for land. When he is asleep, he dreams that they have landed on a lush, green island with ripe fruit on every tree. He might’ve even said this in his sleep: “Land ho! Look at the fruit,” without knowing it. And then ‘BANG’ he slams the door, steps in and wishes his crew would do what he says all the time. He also fears that when he is lying on the very uncomfortable, swaying mattress or hammock that somebody, maybe the lookout is peering west and will find land, first.

2 thoughts on “Christopher Columbus: Character Sketch by Sophie

  1. Dear Sophie, I liked the way you described Christopher Columbus's eye's and hair. It was really descriptive and it made sense every word you wrote!!!! Nicolas

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