Christopher Columbus by Simon

“What was that?” said Columbus, his shiny blue eyes like the color from the blue shiny sea. ‘‘Oh no! That was the door!” said Columbus. His short brown beard was like the wood from the Santa Maria that was so shiny. It smells like the smelly new wood.

Columbus has so many good sides to his personality but everybody has some bad sides too. He was smart and brave, so he was a good navigator. He was so brave that he said if the crew wouldn’t see a land in one day and one night, they can chop off his head.
His bad side was that he lied to the crew, saying that they were so close to the land. However it was not so bad, because he wanted to keep the crew on their way to the Indies.

Columbus’s dream and wish was to sail to the Indies, but he was also afraid. He thought that they would crash on an iceberg, or he would crash to an island, or they will meet pirates and they would kill his crew and him too. His dream was also to make a new colony in the Indies.
The crew found his journal in his cabin that said: “I was in my captain’s cabin and I was looking at the map, and looking at it, and wishing that we will find a land.’’
“We don’t have much food and other “stuff” to make our life like it might be.”
“I have another fear that we wouldn’t find a land.”
“I am scared about that. I am not so sure we will find the land.”
“I am so excited about my voyage.”
“I am happy that I am going on the voyage.”

5 thoughts on “Christopher Columbus by Simon

  1. Dear Simon,That was stupendous! I really liked the part when the crew was looking at Columbus' journal. It was a very creative to have the fears and hopes shown that way. It was really good.Sophie

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