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Out In The Open Ocean by Sophie

Out in the open ocean,
Through the mighty seas,
Moana the Sea God,
Tries to claim everybody that trespasses.

It is a terrifying world,
Of water and wind.
Out of no-where,
The swift, racing current,
Starts to come,
Faster and now,
The crests heaving over with vast sighs,
The waves bigger than any I’ve seen.
Twisting and shifting in the rushing water,
Out of the home of hurricanes.
Like advance scouts,
Of an on-coming army.

Sea Poem by Jia Wei Shi

In the lagoon,
A boy sails his boat.
It crashes with the coral reef,
Falls into the greenish mysterious, mile deep sea.

Under the water,
There is only leaden, solitary seaweed,
Lying on the sand.

As the boy swims out,
The boy sees a crystal silent sea.
But suddenly the glassy hostile swells
Swallow the boy.

After this is happening,
The sea becomes silent again,
Just like nothing happened.

The hissing water is like it is saying,
No one can violate me,
The God of the Sea.

How far will Earth’s plates move in a year?

If Earth’s plates move as fast as our fingernails grow, that explains why we can’t sense their movement. Can you feel your nails growing? No, it happens too slow!
If we wanted to get an estimate of how far the plates will move in a week, we could try this experiment.

  1. Cut your fingernails tonight.
  2. Leave them to grow for a week.
  3. Cut again and measure the length of the cuttings after a week’s growth.

How could you use that data to estimate how far plates move in a year?
Post your results and calculations in a comment. Don’t forget to proofread what you write to be sure your ideas can be clearly understood by your readers!

One Day in Columbus’ Life by Niki S.

Today is October 1492. We are in the sea searching for India. I am sitting on deck looking at the sea. I remember the time that we had seen this bird and all the other things that made us believe that we are close to land. I am thinking that we will never reach land.
Suddenly, before I can finish my thoughts I hear the lookout boy shouting, ’’Land-land’’. I was too excited. For two months we were searching for land. We jump over the boats and start to come close to land. But our boats won’t move because it was too shallow. So we started to swim very quickly.
Finally we reach land. I see big trees and lots of plants. After that come some people to greet us. They are different than the other Indians are. They are singing strange songs. I smell sea and salt. I am looking at the new people. How different they are! I am looking away and my eye goes to the leader of the Indians. I walk and speak to him with my hands. They understand what I’m trying to explain and that we will not do something bad to them.
After that, I ask them if they know where gold is. The search for gold is too difficult, but we found some. I am hungry and I find something to eat. There are new crops in India and I eat them they are so tasty. I like the smell of them. My hands are too wet and I shiver when I touch them.
Night begins to fall. We stop searching for gold, we greet the Indians and come back to our ships: the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. It is time to sleep but I don’t want to sleep. This was the greatest experience that I have ever had. I fell in my bed and look the stars. There are so many. I sleep looking at the stars and deep in my thoughts.


August 3,1002

Today is the day I will set out for the far west mysterious land. It is hidden far west beyond the mist.
Around breakfast time I got ready to go on this long adventure. After few minutes, my crew, animals, supplies, and I boarded on the longship. As I went on, I heard the waves crashing on the side of the longship. I said bye to everyone. My father told me to become a great explorer like him. I set sail to the mysterious land. As I went I could smell the sea water.

After a long 1 hour my crew was getting tired so we stopped for a while. I was also a bit tired so I leaned on the side of the boat. The side of the boat was rough so it scratched me.

As we went on we eventually came to a storm which wasn’t too bad. It was still pretty challenging to command the crew to do the things needed to survive through the storm. I never gave up, although my throat was getting sore.

An hour later we finally got out of the storm. I guessed that it was around lunch time since I was starting to get hungry. I licked my lips and tasted the salt of the sea water. My crew and I ate salt fish that we brought from Greenland. The animals ate other plants. We rested for about half an hour. We set sail again towards the west, to the mysterious land.

Why and How to Avoid Eating Fish by Anna

If you don’t eat fish you won’t smell bad, and your mouth will taste good. Fish bones are dangerous. They can make you choke. I don’t like fish because it tastes weird.

First, say to your parents that you don’t like fish. Second, find a mom who never liked fish. Then, put all different kinds of fake bugs in your fish when no one is looking. Fourth, say to your mom and dad that you will eat it the next day.

Never, I mean never, eat fish in your life! You will avoid the possibility of choking on a tiny bone. In addition, you and your friends will not have to smell your stinky burps all day long.


Columbus was standing on his ship and he was thinking… He was looking at the sea because it made him feel relaxed. The air was coming through his white hair, he did a step and he put his sword on the ground. He takes a breath and he made his back very relaxed. His blue eyes were thinking about this beautiful country. His pink little lips were moving all the time.

I think Columbus is the most good person that I have ever heard of. He was a very kind person, but he had to control his anger and not be a liar. A lie can make the next problem. I mean he is a liar, because he didn’t say the true miles that he and his crew had to arrive.

Columbus, from a small child, he want to find a land that none knows. He also wants to establish another trade route to the Far East.

Columbus Character Sketch by Varvara

Columbus’ long blond hair is blowing in the wind that the ship produces by its speed. His brown eyes glare piercingly at his crew as he is flipping a maravidis in his hand. He scrunches up his eyes trying to get away from the sea water splashing at his face as he stares at the horizon, his pale face turning blue by the cold.
Columbus is a good man, but like everybody, he has bad sides. For example, he is calm but also competitive. For example when the crew saw a falling star the crew was scared, but Columbus like a good leader calmed them and tried to be calm himself. On the other hand his bad quality is competitiveness (that’s just one of them.) He is competitive because when Martin Pinzon sailed the other way and said that he thought he found land, Columbus did not get interested in going that way because he wanted to get the maravides for himself. Also he wanted to be first to find land.
Have you ever had dreams and thoughts? Well Columbus had, but he had fears and wishes too! Two of wishes were to get the 10,000 maravides and to find land. Also he feared that they will run out of food and water. Perhaps those are not all of them because everybody has more than one fear, dream, thought and wish! But we will never know.

How to Become your Favorite Superhero By: Evgenia

How to become your favorite superhero

Do you want to become your favorite superhero? Do you? Do you? Well these are the good things that you could do. You could save the world and people will be happy. You’ll be famous and everyone will love. You’ll have super powers and you will fly from place to place. So do YOU want to become your favorite superhero? If you do, read on!
So, you really do want to become your favorite superhero. OK, first draw or find your favorite superhero in a magazine. Cut that paper out. Then say their favorite words or phrases. Say them about three to four times. Then say, “I will save the world!” or if he/she is evil say, “I will destroy the world!” three times. Suddenly a magical star will appear in front of you, and it will get you. Don’t run! Then you’ll magically become a superhero!!!
So, do you really want to become a super hero? You’ve got to follow the directions correctly! Think of all the interesting things you can do as a superhero: all the saving, the rewards and all the great newspaper articles about you!
So good luck!!

Operation Time Zone

Our class are collaborating with Ms Arman’s 5th graders in Fairhill Elementary School, Fairfax, Virginia, to come up with a way to represent the differences between our time zones in real time. Did you know that when our class are being dismissed, Ms Arman’s class are just arriving at school to start the day?
Every student has a penpal and we are writing back and forth to exchange information and plan our projects. Now you can share your project ideas with everyone by posting them as a sticky note on our Wallwisher. Ms Arman’s class have access to this Wallwisher and can post too!
What kind of project will you and your pal come up with? Projects can be a joint story, a poem, a song, a PowerPoint, photos and captions, or any other idea you can imagine!

Christopher Columbus by Simon

“What was that?” said Columbus, his shiny blue eyes like the color from the blue shiny sea. ‘‘Oh no! That was the door!” said Columbus. His short brown beard was like the wood from the Santa Maria that was so shiny. It smells like the smelly new wood.

Columbus has so many good sides to his personality but everybody has some bad sides too. He was smart and brave, so he was a good navigator. He was so brave that he said if the crew wouldn’t see a land in one day and one night, they can chop off his head.
His bad side was that he lied to the crew, saying that they were so close to the land. However it was not so bad, because he wanted to keep the crew on their way to the Indies.

Columbus’s dream and wish was to sail to the Indies, but he was also afraid. He thought that they would crash on an iceberg, or he would crash to an island, or they will meet pirates and they would kill his crew and him too. His dream was also to make a new colony in the Indies.
The crew found his journal in his cabin that said: “I was in my captain’s cabin and I was looking at the map, and looking at it, and wishing that we will find a land.’’
“We don’t have much food and other “stuff” to make our life like it might be.”
“I have another fear that we wouldn’t find a land.”
“I am scared about that. I am not so sure we will find the land.”
“I am so excited about my voyage.”
“I am happy that I am going on the voyage.”

How to go to Timeout by Nicolas

Are you sure you want to go to timeout? Is it correct to go to timeout? Well sometimes it is. That is, it is the best thing to do when you are bored in class.
I will tell you some advice, try to get 6 timeouts in a month because then you will visit the scary principal and after that you will stay at your lovely home for one whole day! (Well, this would not be true from my point of view, I like school a lot.) The following reasons could persuade a little kid to do so. If you get lots of timeouts you would become the master of timeouts and everybody will ask you if you are the master and you would respond, “Yes!” You would miss school and watch TV and do whatever you want and best of all is that you would not need to do your…… HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it doesn’t work the first time, try to get in trouble again and again. This is my favorite expression “Never give up.” Try it. After it works you will be begging me to tell you more and more advice!!!!!!
Hope it works out!!!!
Best wishes,

Christopher Columbus: Character Sketch by Sophie

Captain Columbus has sharp blue eyes, the color of the ocean or sea when the waves are big. When he walks about the decks, he slowly paces while fumbling with his rosary. He stands tall and muscular. His brown, short, salt encrusted hair sways with his robes that nearly touch the brim of his brown boots, going “squeak” on every board. When he walks, his skinny body moving in and out of the crew, it is dead silent and they stare at his pale, wrinkly, straight face. While he talks in a low voice, his sharp nose rests on top of his salty lips.
Christopher Columbus is tactical liar. He tells his crew that they’re closer to land then they think, although in his big log he writes a farther, more accurate calculation than he tells them. Columbus has good and bad sides. He is very competitive. He doesn’t want anyone to find land except for him and get the 10,000 maravedis. He wants the money for himself. Christopher is very courageous. He doesn’t let his fear overcome him. He is also distrustful. He doesn’t trust some people. For example, when they were sailing and the Pinta said they saw land, he said, “…No you didn’t. We must go this way like the compass says.” So if there really was land, they wouldn’t get the reward. He is very calm. He is loyal. He tells the crew”…We’re going to find land. Hang on,” and it helps them. He is the only person who doesn’t show he’s scared.
To you, Columbus might be hardy and courageous but he, like us, has fears. He is terrified they will never find land and that the Santa Maria will sink. He worries that if they don’t find land they will run out of food and die, right there in the beautiful, dark, blue ocean. He thinks these dark thoughts either when he is lying awake in his bed or when he is peering at the horizon for land. When he is asleep, he dreams that they have landed on a lush, green island with ripe fruit on every tree. He might’ve even said this in his sleep: “Land ho! Look at the fruit,” without knowing it. And then ‘BANG’ he slams the door, steps in and wishes his crew would do what he says all the time. He also fears that when he is lying on the very uncomfortable, swaying mattress or hammock that somebody, maybe the lookout is peering west and will find land, first.