The day of the festival, Andrew nearly jumped out of his seat when they announced that the class was going to the festival. When he got there, he was amazed. There were people showing how to make mini crossbows, how to build mini catapults, and many other amazing things! The first place he went to was the, “battle arena”. He wasn’t amused. The “instructors” were what looked like, a bunch of slobs in costumes. They looked like they hadn’t showered for weeks, forgot to shave, and obviously just did it for the money. Every time a new kid got in, the first strike would land on them. When Andrew was up, he had a little prank. He got in and started circling the slob, like a snake about to strike.
     Then, he hit the instructor in the bottom, spinning around dodging his strike easily. He swept down and did an upward thrust and purposely missing by an inch. Then the fat instructor swung sloppily in an overhand strike. Andrew parried it easily and thrust slowly enough so the instructor could parry it. Then, Andrew spun his sword around so the instructors sword dropped to the ground. He pointed his sword at the instructor’s neck, and applause was all around him.
     Another instructor stood up and walked to him. He said rather loud, “ where’d you learn to fight like that?!”
     “I taught myself” he replied as gasps filled the arena.
     “Well well, how about you have a round with me!”
     “Bring it on, old man” Andrew replied, full of confidence.
     “Ho ho, aggressive, aye?” the instructor replied.
     “Less talk, lets fight” Andrew replied, whirling his sword running towards the instructor. He unleashed a furry of overhand swings. The instructor blocked the attacks so easily, he didn’t even blink. Then he gave one overhand swing, Andrew barley parried it. He felt so much power in the blow he nearly dropped his sword. Then, almost full of confidence, unleashed his ultimate combo. He did the overhands, and the backhands, and the thrust. The instructor seemed to have a difficult time blocking the strikes. The instructor made a thrust, Andrew did a roll, and with a spark of confidence, did an overhand blow that slipped of the instructor’s sword and hit him.

1 thought on “WAR OF THE PLAGUE: Part 2

  1. Dear Stuart, I really like your story! Great action! How do you know all the swordfighting terminology? It makes it very convincing. (…P.S. where is the plague?)Mrs Kynigou's niece, Athena

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