Land Ho!

Watch the video and add a comment as if you were one of the characters in the film. Perhaps you are even one of the natives watching, invisible in the jungle? Get into character and tell us your wishes, dreams and fears at this moment. Don’t forget to sign your name. Ex: Christopher Columbus (aka Mrs Kynigou)

7 thoughts on “Land Ho!

  1. We saw angels from god we have to give them good food and good respect.The angels want me and four other natives to come with them I think they want us to meet the big god of all gods! Native (A.K.A Varvara Anna)

  2. What are those people doing here. They don't look like men. What are they wearing? Maybe they are angels and they are hiding there feet under something. Maybe they have no feet. Whoever these people are we have to be kind to them or else they will take over our country.Indian Chief(aka Sophie)

  3. Yes!We finally reached land at last!I must claim the land for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.I hope I will find gold and other wonderful things here,as Marco Polo has wrote about.Christopher Columbus(Takao)

  4. What are those new people doing here? I think they are caming from the sky.They are angels. The strange people claim the land for a queen and a king. I am afraid. What will happend if they are not caming friendy? Maybe they will kill as!!!

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