Have your say!

In class we were discussing the different layers of society in New Spain created under Spanish colonial rule.

Do you think this society was fair? Who benefited the most? Who got the worse deal? How come this was allowed?

Write a  good comment to tell us your opinion. (See the blog entry for tips on writing good comments.)

8 thoughts on “Have your say!

  1. Dear class,I think that it was not fair.It is not fair because the conquistadors will attack the natives for no reason and destroy the country, island or any place in a country.The Natives could die and get hurt badly.Ahmed

  2. Dear class,I don't think the society was fair because the conquistadors made the natives slaves. The conquistadors just came and ruined there lives by saying, "Ok. We found this place so now you guys are our slaves. Do what I say." The conquistadors got everything, the land, the people and all the money and the natives who did all the work got nothing. This was aloud because when somebody conquers a place they make a governer who says that this is aloud.

  3. Dear class, I think the society was not fair because they didn't treat people evenly. The Spanish who was the conquistadors got the encomienda and they have a lot of money. They made the natives as their slaves. The natives got the worse deal because they are the lowest in society. They also were overworked because the peninsulares told them to work hard.

  4. Dear class,I think the rules in New Spain were created to help the peninsulares to get rich. Since the army of Spanish King was unbeatable, they were able force the native people to give up their culture and work as slaves. I do not like it but this was the people behaved in 16th century.

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