My First Writing by Julia

Was first grade difficult?
Well it was for me. When I was in first grade I wrote a story about the zoo and the movie Madagascar!! My teacher was Ms.Kou! (She is wonderful!!!).

One day I was in class. I was writing a story. My first time ever!!! I was hopeless rubbing my head I felt terrible. Whenever I heard we needed to write I was saying” Oh, Nooooo!!!” I didn’t even write any thing yet. Others were saying “What is she doing?” I felt helpless when I heard that. When the teacher came we wrote about the zoo! The next day I wrote the same exact story. I felt sad, upset and discouraged!

One day I thought of sounding out the words!! It worked! I was writing about the movie Madagascar and how good and exciting it was. I even drew a funny picture of the zebra sitting on my coach. I felt happy, proud and excited to tell my mom. My mom was touched and my teacher was proud of me!!!!

3 thoughts on “My First Writing by Julia

  1. Ah…that was a great moment, a first successful writing. And… that broke the ice and off you went! (Actually I remember that cute zebra on the coach.) Do you still have your 1st grade journals? They are fun to reminisce with. I will miss saying hi to you on the way to the cafeteria. Please stop by and keep me up to date on how exciting middle school is. Have a great summer!!!!! Mrs. Kou:)

  2. Julia's GrandfatherThis is a wonderful and very exciting story!! I am so pleasd and proud knowing that this is written by you!!! Keep up the good work and that will help you to develop what ever talents you have!!!

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