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Be alert! Toys are coming alive! Part 2 by Francois

It was Tuesday morning and Dard 2 was back at the toy store repairing the toys. He spent 6 hours repairing 1,000 toys and was exhausted when he finished. He was just explaining the event that happened when they were destroyed when a toy shouted, “Bad guy down the hall!” All the army got ready and aimed at the bad guy. He didn’t move a inch. One soldier said, “I will go see.” Very slowly he crossed the hall and picked up the soldier. It had a message on it that they didn’t notice before. He took the toy back very slowly because he didn’t know what it was. He put it on a table and Dard 2 said, “Thank you soldier.”
Dard 2 took the note and read it.

Dear Dard 2,
Your real family is hidden in the city. You have 8 days to find them or else…. So don’t only think I left you a note. When you will understand you will have 2 days to find your family.
Your enemy
P.S. You will have no help from your friends.

For 2 min. Dard 2 didn’t understand but then suddenly he shouted,“OH NO! RU”


6 DAYS LATER Dard 2 woke up in a hospital. He was feeling very hurt and angry at the same time. He had a broken leg and was burned all over but it was not that serious. He was lucky. Then a doctor came and said, “ Our brave guy is awake! You were Lucky with that bomb!”
Dard 2 replied, “How many days do I have to stay hère ?”
The doctor said, “Uuhhhh, let me think, two months maybe.” “ WHAT! BUT I HAVE TO GET OUT TODAY !”
“With a broken leg ?” the doctor replied.
When they finished talking, Dard 2 was sooo disappointed about his leg. Suddenly 5 toys climbed on the bed and said, “We survived at the explosion but the others did not.”
“You guys are Alive! Thank god! Now you guys can help me! Please go around the city with the fastest car you have and go find my family before 2 days pass and the bad guys kill my family !” exclaimed Dard 2.
“Ok , by chance we took the fastest car in the world! Don’t worry we will find your family.”
“Thanks guys” he replied.
Then the toys went away but before going they gave him a talkie walkie to communicate to each other.
The next morning Dard 2 woke up very early. Then suddenly the toys communicated with him and they said, “Sir ! We found your family, but we are only 5 and they are 10,000 guards! We need help !”
Dard 2 thought for a second and then said, “Wait where you are, I am going to find a solution.” He asked for the doctor and when he came, Dard 2 said, “Can you go to a toy store and buy soldiers? I will pay you the money it cost you. So can you buy all the toy soldiers and tanks and cars?”
“Huh. Ok” he replied.
“THANKS” Dard 2 exclaimed!
2 hours later the doctor came back with 50 giant bags of toys! Dard 2 said thank you and took all the toys on his bed and then suddenly the toys became alive!
“Yes” exclaimed Dard 2.
Since they were toy soldiers they automatically formed teams. When they were finished Dard 2 explained the situation. Finally Dard 2 finished explaining the problem and the toys went out of the room and they drove to the place.
Then the toys spoke through the talkie walkie and said, “The other soldiers are here. We will get ready to attack.” Then one minute after the toys said, “We are ready.”
Then the toys attacked. 30 minutes pasted and Dard 2 was scared of the results. Then suddenly through the talkie walkie Dard 2 heard BOOMM!
Dard 2 tried to call them but nothing happened. He decided that he had to go because he can’t just stay here, arms folded in his bed waiting for the results! He thought of a plan to get out of this hospital. Then he thought of something. So he called the doctor. When the doctor came Dard 2 said, “I need help I hope I can trust you?”
The doctor said, “Yeah what is it?” Then Dard 2 explained the whole story from his house to now. 45 minutes later, Dard 2 finished explaining the story and said, “Can you help me to go to the building?”
The doctor replied, “Ok, but if it’s a joke I will never trust you again.”
“You will not be disappointed,” Dard 2 replied.
The doctor said, “Do you feel able to walk on one leg, because I don’t have any more sticks for you to use.”
“No problem” replied Dard2.
2 hours later they were at the building and the doctor was amazed the toys were actually were alive. They were fighting!
Dard 2 asked the doctor, “Can I know your name?”
The doctor replied, “My name is Rata.”
Then suddenly a toy soldier jumped through the open window and said to Dard 2, “We have good news and bad news. The good news is that we are winning. The bad news is that your family is guarded in a helicopter that is watching the war and there about 100 guards in the helicopter.” The toy soldier pointed in the sky and there was the helicopter.
Now there was another problem, Dard 2 had to find a plan B…..
Dard 2 was thinking very hard but he didn’t find a plan, so he said to the toy soldier, “Go back in the fight and tell the other soldiers to finish up the bad guys” The toy soldier went back in the fight and they were finishing off the bad guys very quickly! Dard 2’s mind was racing to find a plan and then suddenly he shouted, “I GOT IT!”
He had found a plan; he knew that the hospital had a helicopter! Dard 2 looked at the ambulance clock, there were 2 hours left before his family die! Quickly, Dard 2 explained the plan to Rata. When Dard 2 finished explaining the plan, they drove quickly to the hospital and in the helicopter. It took sometime because Dard 2 had problems going all the way up because of his leg, and flew off direction the war building.
When they finally came to the building, the toy soldiers finished off all the bad guys and they were shooting at the enemy’s helicopter. Dard 2 landed and said to about 200 toys to come with him and they flew off to the second helicopter. Dard 2 said to the doctor to get side by side with the other helicopter.
Then the chief of the bad guys said, “Kill all of my soldiers and I will give you your family!”
“How about you?” shouted Dard 2.
“You will see, now fight” he replied.
Shooting started among the two helicopters. Dard 2’s team was winning, but then suddenly 3 bad guys took out a bazooka and shot a big metal bowling ball. However, Dard 2’s team was prepared. They took out a shield and reflected the bowling ball in the air.
The toys continued shooting. It was a mighty fight, but the good thing was that we were still winning. The bad thing was that Dard 2’s team’s amount was getting lower, because some got shot. Suddenly 10 of Dard 2’s team shot a big golf ball, that was shot from a rocket launcher and the ball hit the enemies helicopter with lot of power and the enemies helicopter turned on his side and all the bad guys fell off the helicopter and squashed themselves into millions of pieces on the ground.
The battle was over! Dard 2’s helicopter got closer to the enemy’s helicopter which was still flying, which was strange, but Dard 2 thought that the boss might have put the automatic pilot. When the two helicopters were side by side Dard 2, with lot of courage, jumped into the enemy’s helicopter and landed on one foot!
Dard 2 scanned the helicopter but didn’t see his family. Then something caught his eyes, it was a door at the back of the helicopter. He went to the back and opened the door and there was his FAMILY! They were crowded up in a little tiny place! They were unconscious, so Dard 2 asked soldiers to take his family in the other helicopter.
When all his family was in the good helicopter he thought of something, where was the boss? So he went back in the other helicopter and went in the cabin and then he saw 2 things: the helicopter was commanded by 2 crazy robots that didn’t move the helicopter, they only kept the helicopter steady. The second thing that he saw was the boss with 2 bodyguards in a tiny helicopter ( huge for toys) and the boss flew off.
Before the boss got away he said to Dard 2, “Bye bye Dard 2 HAHAHA!”
“ ONE DAY I WILL FIND YOU!” shouted Dard 2!
The next morning, Dard 2 and Dard 1 woke up together at the same time. They were the only ones to wake up. When every one woke up they all did hugs and they all said thank you to Dard 2 for saving them. They all lived happily each day, except for Dard 2 and Dard 1 because after Dard 2 explained the whole thing to Dard 1 they both now want to kill the boss of the bad guys (or should I say 11,002 including the toys).
You will find out how they finish off the boss in part 3 !
Part 3 coming soon!

My First Writing by Julia

Was first grade difficult?
Well it was for me. When I was in first grade I wrote a story about the zoo and the movie Madagascar!! My teacher was Ms.Kou! (She is wonderful!!!).

One day I was in class. I was writing a story. My first time ever!!! I was hopeless rubbing my head I felt terrible. Whenever I heard we needed to write I was saying” Oh, Nooooo!!!” I didn’t even write any thing yet. Others were saying “What is she doing?” I felt helpless when I heard that. When the teacher came we wrote about the zoo! The next day I wrote the same exact story. I felt sad, upset and discouraged!

One day I thought of sounding out the words!! It worked! I was writing about the movie Madagascar and how good and exciting it was. I even drew a funny picture of the zebra sitting on my coach. I felt happy, proud and excited to tell my mom. My mom was touched and my teacher was proud of me!!!!